Not the best opening statement I could give to the owner of a new café, “Previous tenants couldn’t last long…Opps!” Sorry, my bad. I could have been more sensitive.

“Yup, we have heard that a few times from the residents. And we went … Alamak…O well, we do hope we are here to stay!”

So I have been giving my support by buying coffee from Socks and Pans whenever I do walk past Craig Road at Tanjong Pagar. (Very near Bingki)

This is a cafe that offers this unusual pairing of Western cuisine with local coffee & tea brewed using the traditional coffee sock.

The two ‘fellows’ behind this set-up described themselves as “very local blokes” – One fellow has a knack for brewing great drinks while the other has pizza-tained blood flowing through his veins.

Hence the birth of Socks & Pans, the named derived from coffee sock and pizza pan.

They used to be doing okay-well at Market Street at Raffles Place, but circumstances changed and they needed to move.

You can tuck into Socks & Pans’ freshly-made pizza with interesting flavours or pastas topped with jiggly soft-boiled egg.

Asian influence can be seen in their menu items. Besides the popular Pepperoni Pizza, other items include Asian Pulled Pork, Bacon Onion, and Hebi Hiam & Tofu Pizzas (from $25 for a Large-sized pizza). Newly added items include Thai Basil Pork Pizza and Stromboli ($16.90).

As for the pasta dishes, Wagyu Beef Bolognese ($9.90), Prawn & Bacon ($12.90) and Mac & Cheese on Béchamel Sauce ($9.90) are the stand-outs.

I had the Mac & Cheese served in a dim sum basket (added soft boiled egg) which was full on in its usage on cheese, too much for me to handle so I stopped at half, but still an appetising dish if you can get someone to share your guilt.

There are cafes that served overly priced pastas, and looked like dishes that could be whipped up at home.
Socks and Pan cook up a pretty decent version.

The Wagyu Beef Bolognese ($9.90) was a no-fuss, affordable plate, and didn’t compromise in flavours, and was generous in portion of the meat and sauce.

Perhaps the pizza I had was left out for a while and turned limp, I wished for one with a crustier base with more bite.

The main thing lacking is perhaps that chic ambience (which I am not fussy about) and visibility.

I genuinely think Socks and Pan can continue to work on executing more Asian-ness into their pastas as they are strong in that aspect. Hope they do well.

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Mac & Cheese & Egg in a dim sum basket. A LOT of cheese.

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