Naughty Nuri’s known for its “killer ribs and twisted martinis” which originated in Ubud Bali has opened in Singapore, to much anticipation of course.

Some background about the grill house: Naughty Nuri’s was opened in Bali by a couple (the wife is called Isnuri, thus the name), and has attracted too many tourists, appeared in guide books, and found success.

Known to serve some of the best wicked ribs around, it is now found in over 10 locations around Asia.

Finally in Singapore, at Capitol Piazza.

If you find the décor not in line with the “Warung” theme, that is because the restaurant was converted from modern Japanese restaurant ZAKU, which lasted, well, just for a couple of months.

The main footprints you find about Naughty Nuri’s are framed pictures of pigs, including a Mono Lisa with a pig’s nose; and a framed poster which reads “Eat, Pay, Leave” – obviously a tongue-in-cheek for that best-selling novel based in Bali.

Singaporeans will take comfort, that there is aircon.

The menu offers a selection of Small Plates – Indon Buffalo Drumlets ($7.80), Soy Glazed Chicken Wings ($9.80), Burnt Squid ($8.80); Grills – Grilled Whole Fish ($21.80), Nuris Iberico Pork Chop ($20.50), Wagyu Steak ($23.80); and Asian – Nasi Goreng ($11.80), Sambal Prawns Petai ($11.80), Beef Rendang ($9.80).

Not as expensive as I originally imagined.

The group of us went with different expectations. Those who tried it in Bali would comment, “Sooooo gooood, I tell you”, while the rest who had it in Malaysia had nothing extremely positive to say.

The ribs ($18.80 for half, $35.80 for full rack) were covered in a delightfully sweet-savoury sauce, – a winner, which reminded me of the dark sauce served with Ayam Baker.

The slab was no-frills really, served with a slice of lime which you could squeeze over for a dab of tanginess.

Texture wise, it was almost fork tender, and easily ribbed off. I thought some parts were too charred, and overall could be saucier.

For a better eating experience, reach out to a power chilli sauce kept in a bottle at the side of the table. Add some, and let the fiery encounter begin.

Some of the other dishes tried were hits and misses.

The Maggi Mee Goreng ($11.80) won in being fiercely-spicy, but the noodles were over-limpy and lacked of that wok-fragrance.

The recommended Naughty Nuri’s Cheese Burger had a tasty sweet mustard ketchup sauce, but the ground striploin patty was flat-tasting and didn’t hold well together.

To be fair, the ribs at Nuri’s were good, and the price is attractive enough for groups to come try, but there are many barbecue restaurants around which serve more-than-decent ribs too.

Naughty Nuri’s
15 Stamford Road, #01-84, Capitol Singapore, Singapore 178884 (City Hall MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 12am (Fri – Sat)

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