Jab jab jab. Korean fried chicken also ‘Chut Pattern’.

Chicken Clinic has taken over the Maison De The at Thomson V2, serving Korean style fried chicken with some Japanese fusion food on its menu.

There is minimal change to the original décor though.

Signature items (all are nett prices) include Seasoned Spicy Chicken ($19.50) – fried chicken dipped in Korean style sauce ($19.50) and Black Sesame Fried Chicken ($20.50) – “healthful” Korean fried chicken dipped in black sesame sauce).

The fried chickens were served in stainless steel metal tray with tweezers and a huge syringe containing extra Korean spicy sauce level 1-3.

That, somehow looked like blood.

Side dishes were also in kidney dishes and metal containers, resembling meals served in a hospital.

No surgical glove (I mean disposable gloves) were needed for these bite sized, boneless fried chickens.

Taste-wise, the Seasoned Spicy Chicken ($19.50) were fried to a golden brown crisp on the outside, dipped in a generous amount of Korean styled sweet chili sauce.

The meat tender with a sweet, spicy and garlicky taste that lingered in the mouth. Mashisoyo!

Feel like being a surgeon for a day?

Use a pair of tweezers to dine, and inject more blood (sauce) through the syringe to make the chicken spicier. Additional spicy sauce available at $0.50.

Apart from Korean Fried chicken, there were Korean-Japanese fusion dishes such as Chicken Nanban ($18.50) – fried chicken dipped in spicy soy sauce, Chicken Karaage ($17.50), Chicken Yaki Udon ($15.50), Seafood Yaki Udon ($15) – stir-fried noodle with mixed seafood & pork.

Rice with Chicken ($10), Beef ($12.50) or Pork ($10.50) was available, though theblack pepper soy sauce came in less than generous portions, matched with overly thin pork slices.

We enjoyed the 400ml of Watermelon Soju ($15.90) with rich, non- diluted watermelon juice. (The cups could be a little small as we ended up pouring after every mouthful.)

And some people have asked… NO, there is no one dressed as a doctor or nurse.

The syringe and tweezers might be gimmicky but at least there was a theme.

Chicken Clinic
Thomson V two #01-13, 11 Sin Ming road, Singapore 575629 (Marymount MRT)
Opening Hours: 3pm – 9:30pm (Mon), 11.30am – 9:30pm (Tues-Sun)

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan. More of his food photos can be found at Instagram @stormscape


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