Oriole Coffee + Bar was one of the pioneers of the third wave coffee movement in Singapore, considered one of the earlier ‘hipster cafes’.

They were also known for their roasting facilities and thus you would be able find their coffee blends (Yellowbird and Raven) at some other cafes as well.

Oriole Coffee has obviously been through quite drastic changes over the years. After being bought over by the Kitchen Language (owned by Far East Organisation), the cafes have a swankier interior and expanded menu.

Some would reminisce its older indie days; some would like a more comfortable setting. For the better or worse, you decide.

The Oriole Coffee + Bar at Capitol Piazza would require some finding, at the furthest corner of the Neue side on the second level.

Most would choose to sit at outside the café, where you can look out for murals on bronzy-golden pillars done by local artist Tan Zi Xi.

We were there for the 1-for-1 Lunch (sorry, can’t miss a good deal) on the Oriole Classics – which includes Fish & Chips ($20), Beef Cheek Tagliatelle ($22) and Capellini Crabmeat ($26).

I actually remember having these same dishes at Somerset Pan Pacific Serviced Suites years ago.

The aglio olio capellini kept its standard – cooked al dente enough, generous option of crabmeat, added with some piquillo peppers for extra flavours.

Its Fish & Chip, which I recall was a must-have for Oriole, was a let-down with snapper fillets deep fried dry and shriveled.

Still, I must applaud its front line and kitchen staff. The customer in front of me ordered like for a village (just exaggerating, it was for 12 pax, but I heard “6 fish and chips, don’t want this, add that, blah blah…”) and they still got our orders churned out in about 20 minutes.

Special mention of its Taishio M.A.D Milk ($8) cold-brew coffee. The M.A.D refers to macadamias, almonds and dates, and thus the milk is created with a non-diary nut concoction, suitable for coffee-drinkers who are lactose intolerant. Medium-strong and milky – I liked this version of coffee.

Oriole Coffee
13 Stamford Road #02-20/21, Capitol Piazza Neue, Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 6384 6495
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.30pm (Mon – Sun)

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