[Closed] The Butchers Club Burger has ceased operations, and is replaced by Philly Shack at Clarke Quay.

[Original Entry] This is the year of the burgers. The Butchers Club Burger, considered as one of the best burger joints in Hong Kong, has opened its first in Singapore at Clarke Quay.

Burgers, burgers, who many already? MEATLiquor, Wildfire, Jack Ripper, DOJO, Potato Head Folk, and we hear that Shake Shack is considering coming to Singapore.

We went The Butchers Club Burger during dinner time, and the 1,200 square foot venue has almost become a drinking spot with people hanging around long table benches and tall stools.

It is going to be the next social gathering place. If you were to come alone, we recommend sitting by the counter to catch the buzz of the kitchen.

At the end of the space is a fridge of red, which contains storage for large cuts of the signature dry-aged beef.

A tour within.

Their signature bacon cheeseburgers are made using these Black Angus dry-aged beef – minced fresh-to-order, passed to the kitchen, where the patties will be grilled to a medium.

The concept of this burger joint came about from the nose-to-tail butchery concept.

After the primary cuts of beef have been used for steaks, the remaining secondary cuts of rump, chuck, and brisket are first dry-aged, patties sprinkled with a seasoning blend then grounded and grilled.

The basic Burger ($20) I had was an unassuming-good one.

Under its pillow-soft buns lie a juicy 160-gram dry-aged Black Angus grain-fed beef patty cooked in a suitably-pinkish perfect medium.

Even though they are other ingredients going around such as a caramelised onion spread, that patty still retains those natural flavours. The melty English white cheddar and crisp bacon glazed in maple syrup complement just about right.

I am not too sure about its pricing though. The basic burger at $20 is still reasonable considering gourmet burgers around have similar price tags. Its size is comparatively small though.

The local Double Happiness Burger with double patties is priced at a whooping $38. Contrast this to Hong Kong’s HK$160 (which is about SGD$29.40).

Similarly in Hong Kong, the thrice-fried in duck fat fries cost HK$20 (SGD$3.70), which is an amount I am prepared to pay. But I was hesitating with the local price of $8 – more than double.

There are just six burgers on the menu for now, including baramundi fillet and vegetarian options.

In time to come, the Butchers Club Burger will invite guest chefs for fortnightly collaborations of “A Burger Takeover” series.

The Butchers Club Burger
3A River Valley Road, #01-01B Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Opening Hours: 12pm – 12am (Sun – Tues), 12pm – 2am (Wed – Thurs), 12pm – 4am (Fri – Sat)

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  1. I went to The Butchers Club twice so far and I do like their burgers. I agree that prices are steep and make you feel that you are paying them for the Clarke Quay rent rather than for the food/service. Aside from the price of the fries, what I really find ridiculous is the price of bottled water (they don’t serve ice water…of course!). For a 500ml bottle of still water they charge SGD 5. For a can of Coke they charge SGD 5. I might not go to this place as often as I’d love to just because of this.


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