This reminds me of a famous advertisement line that goes “Ni Pa Hei Ma?” Are you afraid of the dark?

Black has become a sexy colour to use in food, that even fast food chains are coming out with bizarre-looking black burgers.

The black colour used in foods is usually incorporated with squid ink (common in Italian dishes), bamboo charcoal (for bakery items), or black sesame otherwise known as goma (seen in Japanese food and desserts).

Call this the instagram effect, but black food has that alluring appeal that conveys that mood of artiness.

20 Sexy Black Food In Singapore – Ni Pai Hei Ma?

Black Panna Cotta
Available Issho Izakaya – Kallang Wave Mall

Blancmange ($8.50) panna cotta pudding done the Japanese way. The dessert looked like a brilliant art piece from a top shot. Also, it is not common to see homemade black sesame used in this Italian dessert.

French trained chef, Japanese restaurant, Italian dessert – a fine synergy.

Black Soft Serve
Available The Cold Pantry 131 Rangoon Road Singapore 218409

The Cold Pantry had pushed their limits with a totally instagrammable and awesomely sounding (with a touch of nostalgia) Chocolatey Waffle with a hint of Root Beer topped with freshly churned charcoal vanilla ice cream drizzled with… homemade chocolate Root Beer sauce ($12.50). (The taste may get some getting used to though.)

Black Waffles
Available FatCat Ice Cream Bar – Bedok North

Is this the most instagrammed waffle in the whole of Singapore, or what? Probably is.

FatCat Ice Cream Bar’s Gourmet Charcoal Waffles is served with salted egg yolk custard sauce ($6 w/o ice cream) had many hipster café-hoppers flock all the way to Bedok North Ave 2 to get a pouring shot.

Black Burger
Available DC Comics Super Heroes Café – Marina Bay Sands

Batman’s Dark Knight Burger ($25.90), served with black charcoal burger bun, wagyu beef patty, grilled portobello mushroom. But kind of dry and disappointing. Bat-Burger, or Bad-Burger, you decide.

Black Shibuya Toast
Available Stateland Café – Bali Lane

Hello Mr TAN. Or is this Ms? This Charcoal Toast ($14.90) is aptly called “TAN”, which means ‘charcoal black’ in Chinese, not that surname.

The toast is drizzled with malt sugar, added with liquid marshmallow, salted caramel and topped with coconut ice cream and toasted nuts for a full explosion of buttery sweetness. But have to wait long long.

Black Tempura
Available Shihlin Street Food – Various locations

Squid ink Taiwanese style tempura ($3.90) sprinkled with parsley, and comes complete in a black paper bag.

Auntie told me to shout “Hei Hei Hey” to get a discount quite reluctantly. Of course, I did. And we bought laughed “Ha ha ha…” #Awkward

Things I do for 30 cents.

Black Curry
Available Kiseki – Orchard Central

I know black curry sounds and looks quite “urgh”, though you should give this sweet Japanese black curry a try if you are at the buffet.

The curry is located at some obscure corner, which you are supposed to pour over rice. But I had seen people use it as a ‘zup’ (sauce) over just about anything from noodles to fried chicken. Idea.

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)

Black Bread Bowl
Available Kokomama Marketplace – Selegie

Chilli Crab in a Black Bread Bowl ($8.50) sounds promising. In our minds, The chilli crab was too spicy, the curry weird, and perhaps the Clam Chowder ($6.90) would work best.

Black Pasta
Available Monochrome Fusion Bistro – South Bridge Road

Technically, this should be black and white. Monochrome’s Aglio Olio ($25) is a combination of the more ordinary white spaghetti combined with the squid ink variant, served with a choice of mussels or prawns.

Black Velvet Cake
Available Monochrome Fusion Bistro – South Bridge Road

Other than the typical red version, Monochrome serves up a Black Velvet Cake ($8 per slice) which promises a sweet moist treat.

Black Rice
Available Miam Miam – Bugis Junction, Westgate, Tampines 1

While the Squid Ink Black Rice & Omu Egg ($16.50) looks nothing like the menu’s photo, this moist flavourful rice delights on every bite, complimented by fluffy eggs. Order, but be careful about appearing in front of your ate with black teeth.

Black Fideua
Available Sabio By The Sea – Quayside Isle

The Fideua is a noodle dish similar to the Spanish Paella in terms of presentation, and is hard to find in Singapore. What you get here is noodles with squid ink, squid, prawns and sea bass in a flat-frying pan.

Black Duck Buns
Available London Fat Duck – Scotts Square

Tim Ho Wan may have gathered its Michelin Star due to the famed baked pork buns, but London Fat Duck’s Black Pepper London Duck Bun ($4.80 for 3) will give a run for its money.

Light crispy on the outside, fluffy on the layer, moist sauce-y duck fillings, with a distinct savour of black pepper. Oomph!

Black Macaron
Available Hashida Garo – Mandarin Gallery

My most expensive macaron ever. $12.

$12 for a macaron sounds insane, but this black beauty is filled with foie gras for a savoury-sweet divine experience. Plus, the space is very zen.

Black & White Cake
Available Clinton St Baking Company & Restaurant Purvis St

Black and white items, such as the half chocolate, half vanilla Black-and-White or Half-and-Half cookies are quintessential New York snacks.

Vogue named Clinton Street Baking Company’s Black and White Layer Cake one of the “Ten Chicest Chocolate Cakes In New York”. You can now get that that slic ($9.50) at Purvis Street, made from the original recipes of the founder Chef Neil Kleinberg.

Black Pie
Available Pies & Coffee – Robertson Walk, Rochestor Mall, The Grandstand and Alexandra Retail Centre

Pies & Coffee’s Chicken Curry Charcoal Pie ($11.20) consists of chicken thigh stewed in an onion and curry-based sauce, with mashed potato & mixed salad.

Black Ball
Available Blackball Star Vista and other locations

Blackball Taiwanese dessert 黑丸嫩仙草 is said to have natural ingredients flown fresh from Guanxi. BlackBall Crushed Ice comes with an abundant variety of toppings, such as golden sweet potato, pearl, red bean, yam ball, glass jelly topped with milk. Actually, it is qqqqqqquite close to what I had in Taiwan. You know it is not quite there yet, but is still quite delicate especially the black glass jelly which has a winning smooth texture yet not being overly sweet.

Black Egg Custard Buns
Available only at Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel.

These Mini Black Charcoal Egg Custard Buns ($4.20++ for 3 pieces) with soft skin and oozing fillings are available on Min Jiang’s a la carte dim sum menu during lunch only; and occasionally on the Local High Tea Buffet (rotating menu) at Coffee Lounge from Fridays to Sundays, eve of and on Public Holidays ($39++ per adult, $19.50++ per child).

Black Har Gao
Available Mouth Restaurant – China Square and Plaza Singapura

There was a period of time where multi-coloured dim sum was in the rage, therefore the birth of this 6 flavoured ‘Har Gao’ ($9.80) – squid Ink, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot and original. The skin is slightly thick, though the prawns were fresh and crunchy.

And while we are at this, here’s some Black Squid Ink Char Siew Bao ($5 for 3 pieces), also from Mouth Restaurant.

Let me know by commenting below if you have come across any interesting black-coloured food.

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