“Gin Khao” means ‘eat rice’ in Thai, which is what my Thai friends will say at the start of the meal.

This is also the name of a new Thai restaurant located at East Coast Parkway, in a standalone building, and still exudes a certain ‘kampong’ charm. The main drawback: almost need to drive or cab to get here.

Two areas you may notice about Gin Khao.

Prices are considered wallet-friendly, with dishes priced between $6.80 for the starter of Paw Pia Tod (deep fried prawn spring rolls) to $18.80 for a main of Pla Cod Tod Nam Prik (deep fried black cod with spicy Thai chilli sauce.)

Most of the mains fall between $10.80 and $14.80, making it a suitable restaurant for group gatherings and friends who are watching their budget, yet want a comfortable setting.

Secondly, some of the desserts are peculiarly different, think Green Curry or Tom Yum Gelato ($3.00 per scoop), Green Curry Gelato with Sticky Rice ($8.80) and Thai Tea Molten Lava Cake ($8.80).

Yes, the gelato was somewhat spicy and cooling at the same time. So very strange, and not sure if I will exactly order this again. For novelty sake, perhaps.

There were more hits than misses.

While there weren’t any particular dish which was a standout, the meal was an above average one. Its food would certainly beat some overly commercialised Thai restaurants, or those which used to be good but became exceedingly localised.

Both starters – the spicy marinated Tom Yum Chicken Wings ($8.80) and Deep Fried Prawn Spring Rolls ($6.80) were a reflection of the modern interpretation of the dishes here. Golden brown, crisp, juicy.

The Phat Thai Talay ($10.80) reeked of wok hei, had enough sweet, salty and spicy flavours, but was unfortunately a tad too greasy.

One item I suspect will fly off the shelves – the instagrammable Thai Flag Coloured Rainbow Cake ($7.80), made of layered butter base sponge. Food grade colouring was used for the flag colours of blue and red.

The cake was not only a good-looking. The white-beige colour white sponge had some lemon grass flavour, and the overall slice was surprisingly moist and smooth.

One thing I found puzzling. There was no Thai Iced Milk Tea available on the entire menu, only a version with rose syrup. (Ordered and it was expectedly too sweet and drowned out the tea taste). Service staff advised to order the hot version and add ice. That isn’t quite the same, is it?

Gin Khao
1020 East Coast Parkway #01-01 Singapore 449878
Tel: +65 6604 8996
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 11:30am – 10:30pm (Fri-Sun)

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