Singapore has quite a few Japanese ramen shops with a local take – A Noodle Story, Brothers Ramen. Buta Ramen and to a smaller extent Kanshoku Ramen.

While the ramen purists may not have a favourable take, I am open to see some interesting synergies, that can well reflect our local culture and tastebuds.

Xin Hao at Bugis Cube is the next shop selling the atypical ramen – no chashu, no bamboo shoots, not the usual kind of noodles.

The method of ordering is also quite different, and paper-saving.

There is a wooden board outside the shop, where you make your choice of ramen (salted, miso, shoyu or spicy), include add-ons by picking up wooden tags, and pay up at the cashier. No fuss, straight forward, less confusion.

Xin Hao’s Miso Ramen ($11.00) is accompanied with grilled meat, hanjuku egg, deep fried enoki mushroom and bonito flakes (Okay, I ordered one egg too many, but it was good.)

The grilled meat is the best part, tender with marinate that reminds me of a Chinese-style pork chop.

If you are not into the rich and oily type of soup base, this version which is ‘in-between’, flavourful yet not too creamy, can suit your palate. I wished there was a more distinct flavour of miso though, which did not seem pronounced enough.

Enoki and bonito flakes were added to enhance the flavour of the broth, though they soon turned soggy and mushy in seconds. Perhaps some slight changes can be incorporated to work that out.

There is some potential in this bowl of ramen which would attract its own fan base. Its weakest link however, would be the soggy noodles which lacked that bite.

Premium noodles is available at $1 extra. While I didn’t get to try it, my humble advice is: If there is a better version, just use it in the first place, and work it into the costing somehow.

Xin Hao Ramen
470 North Bridge Road #03-19 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735 (Bugis MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:00pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

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