This is scary, a burger stall named after one of the most known serial killer ever. The burgers – Mary Ann, Annie, Elizabeth, Mary Jane and Catherine, are named after the actual canonical five Ripper victims.

Am I the only person around who doesn’t even find this vaguely funny?

This burger stall can be found in the rather popular Salut Coffeeshop, sometimes known on the grounds as the ‘ang moh’ coffeeshop, also housing stalls such as Stew Kuche, Two Wings, Immanuel French Kitchen, Seasalt and In The Brickyard.

Jack The Ripper has replaced The Travelling C.O.W. Out went the ramen burger.

The ‘hipster kopitiam’ (no kopi served here by the way) can get pretty crowded almost daily. Be prepared to queue a while during peak hours, and get called to “Sit here. Don’t sit there. Don’t stand around here.”

This is a collaboration between Absinthe’s Executive Chef Nicholas Reynard and Stew Kuche’s owner’s son (who also owns the kopitiam).

Jack’s standard Fairy Fay Burger ($16, note GST not included yet) includes 150 grams of beef patty, cheese, romaine, tomatoes and fries. A double-patty Emma and Martha goes for $25.70 after taxes.

Not kopitiam prices. And I cannot remember the last time I have to pay GST at a coffeeshop stall.

The best part of the burger was the oozing cheese. The beef patty rather moist and juicy.

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)

Maybe we did not go down on Jack’s good day. A friend commented, “How could something with some many ingredients manage to taste so bland?”

I wondered if some sauce went MIA, plus the patty itself wasn’t very much flavoursome. Bun was drier than expected.

We read some positive reviews here and there though. Maybe I will be back.

Jack The Ripper
Salut Coffeeshop 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40 Singapore 151119 (Next to Alexandra Food Village)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Tues-Sun), Closed Mon

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  1. maybe cause they boiled the food =x happened to me before, they actually boiled my “grilled” chicken before grilling it~

  2. It’s a weird kind of concept for a burger bar, but I guess in SG you have to be unique in the fast food industry to stand out from the crowd. I wonder Daniel, if you can review MeatLiquor soon. That is one of my favourite burger places back home in London and they’ve just opened in Singapore.

  3. Dear Daniel, please please go review this place again. It’s absolutely bad food and even worse staff who are so rude and condescending. Now, so many stall are either vacant or owned by the bosses. The price we paid for the food was so high and the taste was so so bland and we were in shock. I wouldn’t go there again.. Just to humor me, please revisit this place and you will experience the horrors for yourself! Try sitting down on your own and get scolded by the staff. LOL..


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