Is this Singapore’s first container café? We literally walked past Snowy Village (from Wilkie Edge towards Sim Lim) without realising, so look out for this marine blue (or I should I say facebook blue) coloured container just across Lasalle.

Container cafes are common place in Korea, where shops are set up in cargo-converted containers.

Over at Snowy Village, furniture is upholstered. The outer area where oil drums were used as tables, is perfect for OOTDs.

If the temperate is not as blazing hot, 10 degrees lower, we probably won’t mind sitting at the exterior. Moreover, we were already sweating buckets. Thank you air-con.

Items offered: Korean Snowy Bingsoo ($12,90 – $14.50), Injelomi Toast ($5.40), Drug Corn ($5.00), Waffle ($6.00), Salad ($6.00) and beverages. Coffee ($5.00) is from the Nespresso Dulce Gusto capsule. $5. Don’t say you were not warned.

The Chocoreo Bingsu ($13.90) aesthetically photogenic with OREO crumbs and Pepero sticks, was smooth, but gravely lacking in flavours.
My friend quipped, “Without the cookies and ice cream… no taste.”

The same friend also wondered about her cold Tuna Sandwich ($5.50). “Not toasted”, the grumpy face continued. And it tasted…

“Like tuna sandwich lor.” Point noted.

We were kind of excited ordering other Korean street items such as the Injeolmi Toast ($5.40), and Drug Corn ($5.00) which tasted emmm, home-prepared.

For the sake of novelty and boosting rights, this container café should attract some customers during the initial days. But it probably needs to step up in food offerings and quality, to get people to keep coming back.

Snowy Village
120A Prinsep Street Singapore 187937 (near Lasalle, Sim Lim Square)
Tel: +65 88221702
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm Daily

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