Korean Fried Chicken, KFC, Chimaek, 치킨 … they continue to enjoy great popularity in Singapore, as the chain shops expand, and new shops keep coming. So where is the best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore?

After the last viral post on 5 Best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore, I thought the list needed some updating, and so went back to try all those commonly known as ‘the best’.

The general findings: the older shops declined in quality (sad), and newer shops have proved to be up-and-coming. (Disclaimer: We all know the word ‘best’ is subjective, and everyone will have their personal favourites. Don’t get too angry yah?)

16 Best Korean Fried Chicken In Singapore – So Good You Can’t Stop!

[Closed] Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄
Bali Lane: 33 Bali Lane (near Arab Street, adjacent to Haji Lane, at the side road nearest Bugis MRT)
Tel: +65 62990980
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11:00pm

Orchard: Orchard Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road #03-06 Singapore 239695 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 6299 0980
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm Daily

Different Korean fried chicken fans had claimed that this shop opened by a Korean language teacher did offer some of the best wings in Singapore.

Fried chicken were served in flavours of Original, Soy, Spicy or Sweet, in the form of Whole Chicken ($29.90), Crispy Wings ($16/$29), or 8-Piece Wings ($16). Woh! The Spicy Crispy Pieces I had were 맛있는 delicious, with the sauce evenly enveloping the crunchy batter (and it is sweet and not overly spicy), meat simply juicy. The batter still remained crisp after minutes. Very awesome.

The Original Ones were not so spectacular because I would have enjoyed more chomp in the batter. Even though I was given breast meat (a part I didn’t fancy because it’s usually dry), Choo Choo’s version stayed tender. (Read: Choo Choo Chicken Bali Lane and Choo Choo Chicken Orchard Cineleisure)

Twins Korean Restaurant
7 Craig Road Singapore 089667
Tel: +65 6221 5205
Opening Hours: 11am – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 12am (Mon-Sat), 5pm – 12am (Sun)

It is not all the time when a handsome Korean chef is cooking you Korean Fried Chicken. Now, make that TWO good-looking Korean chefs.
I liked the Soy and Garlic Chicken Wings ($15 for 10 pieces) best.

Small-bite sized wings which were juicy and well-marinated on the inside, slightly crispy, enveloped with an addictive sweetish honey sauce. Daebak!

The Spicy Dakgangjung ($22 for medium, $30 for large), and this is a MUST-HAVE. Boneless fried chicken and fried tokkbokki (rice cake) enveloped in this sweet, savoury, spicy chilli sauce.

I have eaten many Korean Chicken Wings around, and Twin’s version is easily one of the best in Tanjong Pagar. (Read: Twins Korean Chicken Tanjong Pagar)

Chir Chir 치르치르
313@somerset #B3-04/05/06, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 11am – 11pm (Fri-Sat)

Bedok Point, 700 New Upper Changi Road #02-05/06 Singapore 467351

Chir Chir (pronounced Chi-Re Chi-Re) Fusion Chicken Factory is a popular Korean restaurant chain which made its way to Orchard 313@Somerset and Bedok Point, specialising in deep fried Korean style chicken and other freshly cooked chicken dishes such as Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken, Garlic Roasted Chicken and Crispy Fried Tenders.

Its menu prices was rather intimidating though. Crispy Fried Chicken was $26.90! The rest of the other dishes… Kkan Pung King spicy and sweet chicken ($28.90), Spicy Wings ($28.90), Garlic Roasted Chicken ($32.90), and Rosemary Chicken ($29.90).

The Garlicky Chicken ($28.90) was our favourite, covered with specially made and imported soy sauce, served with Korean toppoki and sweet potatoes. Guess they could be juicier and hotter. (Read: Chir Chir 313 @ Somerset)

Jinjja Chicken
249 Victoria Street (Bugis Village), Singapore 188032 (Bugis MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun-Thu), 11am – 11.30pm (Fri-Sat)

Jinjja Chicken is located at Bugis Village, a fast food concept offering restaurant-quality Korean food. With the operational and cooking techniques sourced from a famous (but shall remain unnamed) fried chicken shop in Korea, some of the flavours such as the seasoning of the food are adapted to suit the local palates.

Crispy on the outside with tender flesh on the inside, we loved the flavourful and well- sauced Soy Garlic Chicken.
The wings were evenly coated with a layer of savoury sauce with a touch of sweetness, yet did not ‘steal’ away the crisp of the outer skin.

Also, you would realise that the chicken parts were moist yet not fatty. As a tip, add the cheese for a guilty pleasurable treat. (Read: Jinjja Chicken Bugis Village)

Chicken Up
48 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088469 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 6327 1203
Opening Hour: 5:30pm – 2:00am (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 5:30pm – 3:00am (Fri-Sat)
Branches at Tampines Century Square #01-44 to 47, Jurong East Mrt #01-01 Buangkok Blk 277C Compassvale Link #01-13, Parkway Parade #01-10, Singapore Polytechnic Food Court No 3, Bugis Village Tastebud Foodcourt

Chicken Up has been commonly known as “The Best Korean Fried Chicken In Singapore” (Straits Time’s Hsueh chose it in a blind-taste), and their expansion doesn’t stop.

Their Spicy Up Chicken ($18.00 for 4 pieces, $34.00 for 8 pieces) is up and up expensive! It has batter crispy with a ccccrunch.

Though my personal favourite is the Soya Chicken Wings ($12 for 4 pieces, $24 for 8) coated with Korean soy sauce, matched with quite juicy and moist meat. If only their quality is consistent between branches.

[Closed] Vons Chicken
321 Clementi, 321 Clementi Avenue 3, #02- 09, Singapore 129905 (Clementi MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

There are more than 20 different types of Korean Fried Chickens here. 20! The signature dish is their 4pcs Golden Wings – Soy Garlic ($5.40), only available as a fried option.

You can get the other flavours in 2 forms – Fried or Oven Roasted in options of 4pcs Wings & Drums ($5.40), 5 pcs Boneless ($5.90) and 2pcs Drumsticks ($7.20). Set meals with regular fries and drinks at an additional $2.50. Very value-for-money.

The chickens used are freshly sourced daily, accounting for its tender and fleshy meat. Each chicken deep fried for 8 minutes to a crispy, golden brown colour before serving. Our favourite of all is the 4pc Golden Wings ($5.40) with a savoury, sweetish, slightly garlicky (not to the extent of warding off vampires) and yet not greasy. (Read: Vons Chicken 321 Clementi)

[Closed] Ssiksin Chicken
Serangoon NEX #02-04 (Within Ministry of Food) Singapore 238858 (Serangoon MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

The newest player in the Korean fried chicken game sets off on a promising start. Some of the offerings: The Original Fried Chicken ($8 for 2 pieces, $15 for 4, $28 for 8), Seasoned Spicy Chicken ($9, $16, $30) and Soy Sauce Chicken ($9, $16, $30).

From the appearance alone, you would see this hot shattering crunchy crust enveloping the chicken, the type will go “Crrrrrrrrrrr!” when you put in your mouth. After we came back to the chicken after some time, the skin was still rather crispy!

Good stuff. But the real highlight to me was the inside which remained moist and juicy, yet not too greasy – whether it was the drums or wings. I thought about what was lacking – the chickens could fare better with more seasoning, a more flavourful taste. (Read: Ssiksin Chicken NEX)

Hoho Chimek
East Village, 430 Upper Changi Road #01-45 Singapore 487048
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Tues – Fri), 12pm – 10:30pm (Sat-Sun)

Korean fried chicken of a different style. Smaller sized.

The chicken Combo came in an individual friendly 6 pieces with fries set at $9.90. No GST or service charge. When the chicken arrived, I thought they looked dry and small. Swiped them across the brown soy and garlic sauce, took a bit, thought, “Hmmm… so salty” and didn’t think much, initially.

Before I knew it, I kept repeating those actions, using those little drumlets to sweep across that sauce which I claimed to be salty just moments earlier. There was a part of these chicken wings that were downright addictive. (Read: HoHo Chimek East Village)

Kko Kko Nara 꼬꼬나라
68 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088489 (Note: They moved from Tras Street)
Tel: +65 6224 7901
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm, 5pm to 4am Daily

Unlike the other restaurants where the focus is fried chicken, Kko Kko Nara is a typical Korean restaurant with the usual Korean fare, which happens to be very known for their Korean Fried Chicken.

Interesting to know: The self-taught Korean owner used to rummage through rubbish bins of restaurants back home to find out what was used to make these fried chicken. (The makings of a Korean drama series.)

For those who love variety, get the Combo Chicken Set ($20 during lunch, $25 during dinner) which has 9 pieces with 3 different favours – original, sweet and special garlic soy sauce chicken. We liked the garlic chicken best, which was evenly marinated and tasty on the outside. Tried on various occasions, and didn’t seem consistent enough. At times too dry.

Oven and Fried Chicken
16 Chun Tin Road Singapore 599603 (opposite Beauty World)
Tel: +65 6463 3505
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 12:00am (Mon-Fri), 5:30pm – 1:00am (Sat-Sun)

182 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068630
Tel: +65 6222 5959
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 12:00am (Mon-Fri), 4:00pm – 12:00am (Sat-Sun)

Oven & Fried Chicken is known for their ‘Fried Rice Chicken’ seasoned with various sauces such as Sweet & Spicy, Jambalaya, and Soy Sauce ($20 for half, $35 for whole).

Rice Chicken? Ah, they used rice flour to coat the chicken before frying, thus a thicker outer layer. The sauce was appetizing and greasy. But perhaps there was just too much of the coating, it masked the taste of the chicken and made eating rather ‘jelak’ (too rich) after just two pieces. But this would please those who loved licking sauces off fingers. Slurp.

(Read: Oven & Fried Chicken Bt Timah)

Bonchon Chicken 본촌치킨
201 Victoria Street, #01-11 Bugis+ (former Illuma, opposite Bugis MRT), Singapore 188067, Tel: +65 6884 4768
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 11:0pm

Bonchon Chicken is enjoying greater fame overseas than our Singapore unit. Unfortunately. Service (or the lack of) and long waiting times were its greatest liability here.

Their chicken is deep fried twice – so the skin becomes crunchier and the meat less greasy when compared to the usual American fast food fried chicken. It feels kind of pricey though. A medium combo of 6 wings, 2 drumsticks is $14.95 (oh they reduced their prices!), and I am only saying it because the pieces are quite small.

The skin comes off in pieces, with the sauces nicely enveloping it. The meat not quite like the usual, is tasty and not too oily. Plus point, it didn’t leave much of a stain on your fingers even if we used hands directly. (Read: Bonchon Chicken Bugis+)

Guksu Restaurant
Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-385, Singapore 038983 (City Hall MRT, Promenade MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm Daily

Guksu Restaurant may be selling noodles and other stuff, but I would return for their Korean Fried Chicken. 5 types of fried drumstick; garlic, soya sauce, sweet & sour, spicy, and honey glaze ($3.90 for 1 piece, $11 for 3, $21 for 6). Unfortunately, wings were still not available.

Each drumstick was toasted and deep-fried, cooked thrice to capture the additional crispiness. And still succulent and moist. These babies were worth five fingers. During my last visit, I thought that the drums were too oily, and could be brushed with more sauce. Just saying. (Read: Guksu Restaurant Suntec)

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
Ion Orchard B4 (Orchard MRT)
Branches at Plaza Singapura (Dhoby Ghaut MRT), Westgate, Changi Airport Terminal 3
Opening Hours:10:00am – 10:30pm Daily

Would people agree with me if I say 4 Fingers used to be a lot a lot better? 4 Fingers is easily the most popular Korean Fried Chicken brand among the youths. I USED to understand why, but the chicken has somewhat become dryer and dryer every time I go. And quality is NOT consistent.

Its specialty: the 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Wings and Drummettes (6 pieces for $9.95) coming in flavours of soy garlic, spicy or mixed. The seasoning was very tasty and you would want to slowly lick the sauces off the skin.

The chicken wings felt like they went for an extended sun-tan session, and were dry and shriveled. If you want something more moist and piping hot, then order the Chicken Drumsticks (3 pieces for $10.95). Note: quality between branches differ quite a bit. (Read: 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Plaza Singapura)

Oppa Chicken Singapore
274 South Bridge Road (5 min walk from Chinatown MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 4pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

The chicken comes in 3 sizing portions: Small (3 pieces, $12,90), Medium (5 pieces, $20.90), Large (9 pieces, $36.90). Cost reflects the original chicken flavour, and flavoured ones are $1-$2 more.

Between the original with dips and flavoured chicken, we preferred the later.

Our favourite was the Honey Garlic Flavoured Chicken with finely chopped garlic drizzled with honey sauce over the fried chicken. Sweet, intense, flavourful and not over garlicky, though it did strangely remind us of garlic bread. (Read: Oppa Chicken South Bridge Road)

Chicken Clinic
Thomson V two #01-13, 11 Sin Ming road, Singapore 575629 (Marymount MRT)
Opening Hours: 3pm – 9:30pm (Mon), 11.30am – 9:30pm (Tues-Sun)

Warning: May look gimmicky. This shop is themed after a clinic, so expect fried chickens served in stainless steel metal tray with tweezers and a huge syringe containing extra Korean spicy sauce level 1-3.

Signature items (all are nett prices) include Seasoned Spicy Chicken ($19.50) – fried chicken dipped in Korean style sauce ($19.50) and Black Sesame Fried Chicken ($20.50) – “healthful” Korean fried chicken dipped in black sesame sauce. (Read: Chicken Clinic (Thomson V2)

NeNe Chicken
*Scape 2 Orchard Link #02-39 Singapore 237978
Tel: +65 6509 0907
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm, last order 9:15pm daily (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 11am – 11pm last order 10:15pm (Fri, Sat)
Other branches at Star Vista, Bedok Mall, The Seletar Mall, Eastpoint Mall, Hougang Mall

NeNe Chicken is occasionally not bad, but my main gripe about is its slow and nonchalant service, confusing menu boards, and cramped up spaces. I am a straight-forward person when it comes to fast food, and would like to see simple options of 2 or 3 piece meals for chicken, not just large sharing portions.

What I liked about NeNe was that despite the chicken being coated with rich sauce, the skin and batter still remains rather crisp. Though sometimes I had disappointing ones – mid-soggy and not so piping hot as it should had been.

Which is your personal favourite Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore?

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* Reviewed by @DanielFoodDiary and @Stormscape. They will next be seen running regularly to burn off all the Korean fried chicken he has consumed over the last few months.


  1. Have not managed to try them all, but I find Kko Kko Nara rather overpriced & over-sauced. Chir Chir’s sharing platters are something different from the usual run-of-mill Korean Fried Chicken, but again, it doesn’t come cheap.

    • There are more ‘over-sauced’ versions compared to Kko Kko. I did find them sometimes good, sometimes not so, unfortunately.

  2. I am a korean myself. I find hoho chimek the best.
    It has great taste with good ingredient. Even better than chicken restaurants in korea. Must try!!

  3. Disappointed to know you don’t find 4 Fingers as good as before, although I cannot confirm your thoughts. I still love it though, but then I am a sucker for branding – not just the taste. When I eat out, I like to enjoy the brand and atmosphere, as well as the actual food. Do you understand my attitude there, or do you just prefer the food? 😀 Chir Chir is also a fave of mine, love the whole concept. Never tried CHICKEN UP, but will make a thing of it next time.

    • Definitely. Brand plays a part. Everything plays a part. I tried 4 fingers across branches and find that they differ quite a bit.

  4. must agree that 4 fingers is not as nice as before, in fact, it was so bad when i went there last time :/ found Chicken Up the nicest as compared to the rest like kkokko nara. Loving their soya and yangnyum chicken wings 🙂

  5. Have u tried Vons chicken at 321 Clementi? I heard they are an actual franchise from Korea.. Oven and fried.. Their golden wings.. Which is soy garlic.. Tasted very very good.. I’ve been to many of the above locations.. But.. Vons is the only store that got me addicted..

      • Oh my god.. I just realised I made a big mistake here.. =\ if it makes your list I would have to wait longer in the already long line for my chicken =| Selfish me.. Lol I tried the hot yesterday my 3rd visit to Vons.. And it was too spicy for me.. If u haven’t tried and do not want a swollen lips.. Avoid the hot.. There’s a Singaporean spicy and a Korean spicy.. This one is Korean spicy.. Not local chicken up spicy..

  6. I have tried Vons Chicken, I love the soy garlic, the crispy boneless and the oven boneless with hot sauce. I also love the fries!! I feel that Vons Chicken taste so much better compared to 4 Fingers.. But one negative thing is that if you go on the weekends, especially the night time, the waiting time will be longer, sometimes you still have to wait for seat as the shop is fully crowded and some of the chickens from the menu will be sold out.. But well, if the food isn’t nice, it wont be crowded and chicken are sold out from the menu right?

    • I had tried before. Is the outlet located at Clementi 321? The meals taste average. Compare to 4 fingers, there is still a long way to go. Hopefully when I return to eat Vons Chicken, the standard is there.

  7. tried ChirChir 3x already. Standard very consistent! Only drawback is prices are on the higher side. Love their garlicky chicken most too!

  8. ahahahha. same branch @ 313. haven tried bedok one though~

    yea prices on high side~ maybe like u said due to franchise fees lol. cant eat that frequently. hope to try the rest featured here soon too. (:

  9. Do not visit Vons at clementi.. their foods taste soso and their staff attitube is bad. I request chilli suace for the gold wing, the auntie was not happy to give me at all and tell me that the wings already got sauce still chilli for what. And the upsize fries is like regular. Not worth the money..

  10. Nene chicken has 2-3pc meal, in fact it’s much reasonably priced than the rest. At $7.90/$9.90 for 2 and 3pc respectively. Each set meal includes the chicken (duh), drinks, buffalo sticks, and a side dish of coleslaw or pickled radish. Why would you say that there isn’t?

  11. I’ve recently tried a new Korean cafe & restaurant hidden somewhere at Yio Chu Kang road, beside ST Engineering near my work place. I believe a lot of people who have eaten their fried chicken would agree that theirs is a very unique taste, something you can’t get in Singapore…somehow made me kept going back there for it as well as their other dishes. Nevertheless I can daringly say that they are the only “Kpop” as in really Kpop cafe in Singapore. They call themselves NAYANA Kpop Cafe & Restaurant…not sure what it meant.

  12. Nene chicken taste like shit! The chicken smell is so strong and wasn’t even crispy to start with. Korean fried chickens are supposed to stay crispy (My office is only 2 small mrt stops away and the chicken loses the crisp). The same goes to the burgers. OMG i threw them all away as I got pissed when eating them.


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