[Updated Dec 2015] Dazzling Cafe x Tweety Bird x Shane Pow. When three CUTE ‘things’ come together.

One’s a Tweety Lava Chocolate Crispy Toast ($14.90) which will flow with hot chocolate as you cut your way through (only condition is you do not take too long to photo that); the other is “”I taut I taw a Puddy Tat” Tweety; and Boom Boom Shane Pow who is the current HOT rising star of local television.

Dazzling Cafe is also decked out in Tweety-themed decorations, and will serve a special menu.

Food such as Crispy Toast ($14.90), Tweety Mac & Cheese ($22.90) – Okay, I don’t get the relation for this dish, profiteroles, as well as beverages like iced tea and cafe au lait will feature all feature Tweety designs somehow or other.

Shane taught Tweety how to pose for instagram with a mandatory pouring shot, and said a few words…

[Original Entry] Dazzling Café in Singapore opened with a queue starting at 8:30am when operating hours was 12 noon onwards. Honestly, Shibuya toasts were the in thing… a few years back. Fans would have tried Dazzling Café in Taiwan already. So, would this queue last?

Some background: Dazzling Café started as a designer jewelry boutique in Taiwan, and was brought to Singapore by a 22-year old Serene Tan. No easy feat. What were you doing at 22? So try spotting pretty boss if you are there.

Personally, the appeal of Dazzling had to be the décor, and hospitable plus cutesy Taiwanese-style service, where waitresses dressed as Japanese-style French chambermaids serve the signature thick toasts in prettiness.

Yes, so I braved the queue.

My wait: 35 minutes. My advice: Go before noon if you do not wish to wait too long. The person behind us only got to enter 5 minutes after. The same applied to all other behind. (It is soft-launch phase so they let customers enter in small batches.)

The girly but shy service staff who served our toast said, “Call us when you finish taking the pictures.” Huh, not only us, diners at the other tables had the same comment.

But of course. Let us all finish taking instagram pics and OOTDs posing with the Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast ($19.90) as though it is the latest fashion accessory. 5 minutes later. The ice cream had yet to melt.

We ordered the Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast ($18.90) a flavour exclusive to Singapore, which the Taiwanese waitress described as their ‘3rd generation toast’. My friend was more distracted by her mascara.

Coconut Gelato, fresh mango fruits and smooth custards on top of a toast within a toast. The inner rectangular slices were crisp and soft, and the coconut ice cream worked wonderfully well with mangoes.

A pity that the outer layer was tough like cardboard, and the knife couldn’t go through easily. Tough toast needed more sauce.

The blossom-shaped Valrhona Chocolate ($12.90) was more photogenic than delicious, though still better than half the waffles out there in the local market.

It could be crispier with a more intense chocolate flavour, but was saved by the Bailey’s Ice Cream (additional $2.50) well-complemented.

The Singapore exclusive savoury was the Spicy Seafood Tomyam Tomato Spaghetti ($22.90) which we didn’t quite mind – more spicy than tomyam, and a touch of sourness and lemongrass would elevate the taste.

All in all, a good experience, somewhere I would consider spending a lazy afternoon at. Honestly, there were other Shibuya toast cafes that we preferred, but they are not in Singapore.

Dazzling’s toasts make a sweet treat, and are prettier to look at. Service was sincerely friendly. You may prefer the queue to subside before you get your hands, and cameras on them.

Dazzling Café Mint
15 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 6384 3310
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Thurs, Sun), 12pm – 10:30pm (Fri – Sat)

Dazzling Café Pink
277 Orchard Road #01-12 Orchardgateway Singapore 238858
Tel: +65 6385 3639

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  1. The craze for Shibuya toast has somehow died down in Singapore, wonder if this will revive it again. But give me After You anytime for their to die for shibuya thick toast 🙂

    • That’s my take too. I feel that Dazzling should have been here 1-2 years ago. They would need to continuously re-invent and come out with exciting flavours.

  2. Tried Dazzling cafe in Hong Kong (thank god I don’t need to queue for it there xD) and thought that their shibuya toast was only so-so, but I guess it’s just a hype in SG hence the crowd. If you’re in Hong Kong you should try tea wood cafe’s shibuya toast, super awesome!


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