It has been a while since I returned to Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, and realised that the hotel has been newly-refurnished, from the lobby, rooms to the restaurant.

The buffet restaurant used to be known as Melting Pot Café, and has been updated to be known as Atrium Restaurant, an all-day dining venue.

I would be frank to say that the change is much welcomed, and it is about time to shed off that old image (the cab driver who drove me here still thought it was The Glass Hotel.)

While Melting Pot Café had a dated woody outlook, the new Atrium Restaurant appeared contemporary, bright and modern. Liked the use of fresh colours – monochromatic base with green and orange accents on its furniture.

Food presentation looked appetizing, with more live-cooking stations.

The highlights – fresh seafood, international cuisine, specialty dishes created by Culinary Ambassador Thai celebrity chef Ian Kittichai, and local favourites specially prepared by Executive Chef Chua Yew Hock who has more than 30 years of culinary experience.

Here are some of the highlights. (Note: Buffet items may vary depending on time and days.)

Chilli Crab
The dish that most diners make a dive for. While I thought the meat could be juicer, the rich gravy tilted more towards sweet than spicy, and was appetizing enough to sweep clean with the deep-fried mantou.

Curry Laksa
One of my favourites. Laska with fresh shrimps, fish cake slices, boiled egg and taupok in milky gravy. I actually liked that it came in a small bowl, so that you can finish it without feeling overly guilty. Maybe you will take two bowls. Or more.

Mussel Otah-Otah
I am a big otah fan, but have never seen it served this style. Chef Chua’s created it such that the spicy smooth fish paste is baked with a mussel. So after eating the otah, there is a layer underneath comprising of succulent mussel. Can take a few.

Assam Fish
Local dishes seem to be the strength here. Fresh fish slices that are cooked in a tangy assam gravy, good to pour over rich or noodle dishes.

Marinated Tumeric Chicken
Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai of Issaya Siamese Club (One of the 50 best restaurants in Asia) fame created a few dishes especially for the Holiday Inn restaurant, but my favourite was this chicken item served with Thai sweet chilli sauce on side.

Meat lovers should also head to the carving station for the whole baked salmon. There was a variety of cooked dishes available, such as Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Capers Cream Sauce, Roasted Lamb Leg with Mint Sauce, Braised Beef Cheeks, Provencal Lamb Rack, Fish Piccata and Champagne Pork Ribs.

Dessert wise, dids can head straight to the Chocolate Fondue on Sundays, or get pancakes and waffles prepared fresh in front of you, personalised with favourite ingredients of your choice.
I picked two scoops of gelato, some macarons and topped with chocolate sauce. What do you think?

Buffet Lunch
Mon-Fri: $45++, Sat: $50 ++, Sun: $55 ++

Buffet Dinner
Mon-Thu: $50++, Fri-Sun: $55 ++

Atrium Restaurant
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
317 Outram Road Singapore 169075
Tel: +65 6731 7172

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  1. My favorite item will be "Marinated Tumeric Chicken"! The chicken just look so yummy on the picture, and it is served with sweet thai chilli sauce, which is personally one of my favorite sauces! Not forgetting it is by Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai too! Would really love to try it! (:

    *Psst. LIKED AND SHARED!* xD

  2. Liked and shared! If i had a chance to try the buffet here, i think the Curry Laksa would be my favourite dish because i love spicy food and the gravy looks rich but not too oily, which would satisfy my tastebuds!

  3. My favourite will definitely be Chilli Crab, or should I say the deep-fried mantou beside!! My mind is already actively imagining the mantou being dipped into the sauce, and how I can probably finish up 6 mantous!!

  4. My favourite dish is mussel otah otah. I don't see it anywhere else and it looks really appetizing from the picture. It seems like the mussel is very juicy and fresh, one small bite I would be able to taste the mussel juice.

  5. whole baked salmon! always been a salmon lover and salmon contains omega 3 that boost brain power. and i got super tempted by your picture!

  6. My favourite dish is Mussel otah otah. As I can’t find it anywhere else and it looks really appetizing from the picture. It seems like one small bite, I would be able to taste the sweetness and freshness of the mussel. The batter of the mussel seems thin and cripsy.

  7. Thank you Daniel's Food Diary and Atrium Restaurant for such a wonderful giveway! I would to try the Chili Crab as I am a seafood lover! I love crabs which are fresh and juicy and pairing it with the sauce is just so heavenly! I would to bring my mother for this meal if I win as she is a noble mother that I respect and love. If I can bring my Daddy it would be great too! 🙂

  8. My favourite item to attack if i win will be the MEAT station!!!!!! The Salmon,the Beef Cheeks,the Lamb with Mint Sauce!!!!! Because i am a sucker for Meat. Its my weakness! Also,the Desserts station!! i mean,come on…. Choc Fondue…..Wafflesssss!!!!!! What else can i say about this perfect spread of buffet???!!! I hope i can share this beautiful spread of luscious food with my hubby! 🙂 Liked&Shared…..

  9. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant is marinated tumeric chicken served with Thai sweet chilli sauce because it is my favourite dish and sauce, would definitely love to try this dish at Atrium Restaurant 🙂

  10. My favourite will be the chilli crab. I mean come on, it's a luxury classic Singaporean dish, who can resist it?! And I can eat as much of it as I want, it doesn't get any better than this!!!

  11. My favourite item is the Meat and Desserts station! I wanna try the Beef Cheeks and Lamb in Mint Sauce!!! Im also looking forward to attack the Waffles and Choc Fondue station! Hehehehe!

  12. Basically I like everything on the buffet menu since I am a food lover! Will definitely make a trip down to try everything :)) Thank you for the giveaway! Liked and shared!! 🙂

  13. Been to the old Melting Pot Cafe, would love to try out the place after their recent renovation. To be quite frank, everything looks good and appetizing from the photos, but the one item that piqued my interest was the Mussel otah-otah. I can just imagine the fusion between the mussels and the fish paste. Baked to perfection, it conjures images in my mind of a nice fat juicy mussel hiding under a layer of aromatic and spicy otah. Hope that it will be as good as it sounds!

  14. Woo! Chilli crab + Man Tou la! Dont need fight one haha. Go tze cak will always eat that too! 🙂 hope to win this and bring my mom who is also a crab lover for her birthday hehehe. 🙂 popi popi~

  15. Your post looks interesting Daniel! The most captivating dish that caught my eye is the
    Mussel Otah-Otah… Seems like a really yummy creative dish invented, would like to taste it
    🙂 haha..

  16. My favourite item will have to be Mussel Otah-Otah. I love both shell fish and otah. never have I eaten otah in paste form. I will definitely go for many rounds to delight my palate!:)

  17. HI DANIEL 😀

    My favourite dish will probably be the CURRY LAKSA because I love all things spicy, and Laksa’s truly my go-to comfort hawker food! Thank you for this recco, am a huge fan!

    Jia Min

  18. I would love to try the otah mussel!! I have never seen a rendition of this unique combination. Hoepfully Atrium Restaurant would surprise me because Melting Pot Cafe was quite disappointing

  19. My favourite item will be chilli crab. This is also the favourite item for my family who love seafood. Have wanted to try out at Melting Pot now Atrium Restaurant. Hope to be able to enjoy the buffet with my loved one. 😉

  20. My favourites are seafoods dishes… <3 The photos of Mussels otah otah, curry laksa and chilli crab makes me crave for them.

  21. My favourite item would be the chilli crabs. Chilli crabs can never go wrong.Oh oh…and also the desserts kuei lapis….gosh.’s so heavenly…..

  22. It is hard to make a decision but I will choose mussels otah otah as my favourite dish, because I can’t wait to try out this new combination!

  23. Hi Daniel,

    My favourite will be the Chili Crab! I always love eating seafood when young! Because it is not cheap, so I don’t always get the chance to eat to my fullest. My parents can only afford to buy 1, max 2 and shared it among the family of 6. So I really hope to win so I can feast all I want! Definitely going to bring my mother as she love Chilli Crab as much as I do! 😛

    Thank you Daniel for hosting this giveaway! Hope to win 😀

    Teo Siew Chin

  24. My favourite item to try for from Atrium Restaurant would definitely be the Curry Laksa! This is such a simple yet rich and wonderful dish to savour. This dish combines both my favourite combinations of Curry & Laksa which is just heavenly and exquisite! I’d love to bring my best friend to this buffet so we can enjoy this delicious buffet spread and toast to a long-lasting friendship! Thank You Danial and Atrium Restaurant for this Giveaway! =)

  25. liked and shared! if given a chance to visit here, my favourite food item has to be salmon sashimi and the fresh prawns! just by looking at the picture above , the prawns looks fresh and it do sure taste succulent ! cant imagine how good will it be to be eating with your loved ones there;)

  26. My favorite item would certainly be the Chilli Crabs because it's not overly spicy and children-friendly. Great for anyone who cannot take spicy food but yet love the Chilli crabs!

  27. liked and shared! would love to try this as it looks sooo goood especially the mussel otah otah! im sure my grandma will love it! 🙂 i can already imagine how yummy and mind blowing it would taste like!

  28. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant is pancakes and waffles with toppings of gelato, macarons and chocolate sauce. I can survive days without solid food but I can't survive without my desserts 🙂

  29. Mussel Otah-Otah!
    I love ♡♡♡ SEAFOOD
    Otah fish and mussel are both my favorite!
    would love to try this dish at the Atrium Restaurant 🙂

    Liked & shared ^_^

  30. Would like go to the new buffet Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium to try out the nice foodies especially the curry laksa, Assam fish, mussel otah n etc… Thanks for the giveaways.

  31. Would like go to the new buffet Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium to try out the nice foodies especially the curry laksa, Assam fish, mussel otah n etc… Thanks for the giveaways.

  32. Favourite item that I must try is the MUSSEL OTAH OTAH 🙂

    I’m a big fan of Otah & surprised that Chef Chua could combine Otah & Mussel together! I’m really eager to find out how it taste! I love new creations 🙂

    #DanielFoodDiary #Giveaway #Buffet #HolidayInnSingapore

  33. My favourite item would be the chilli crab because I am a crab lover and if the crab is fresh, I can finish a few kilograms all by myself 🙂

  34. My favourite dish would be Mussel Otah-Otah because it’s a combination of my favourite food mussels and otah-otah. What more can I ask for?

  35. I have never been there before and hopefully, I’m lucky enough to win the tickets & I would bring my mum there before she goes for her leg operation to eat her favourite kueh kueh and the savoury dishes.

  36. I suppose my favourite item would be the Curry Laksa as it is served in a small bowl, making consumption feel less guilty in addition to providing me with extra space for the other highlights such as the Chilli Crab and Mussel Otah-otah. I would end this delectable meal with a plate of macarons and several scoops of gelato, then repeat the cycle of eating by starting from the main course again.

  37. Marinated tumeric chicken’s what I’ll be looking forward to! Definitely keen on seeing how a celeb chef is able to make this dish so superb such that it’s your fav dish!

  38. As a meat lover, my favourite item from Atrium Restaurant is Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Capers Cream Sauce, Roasted Lamb Leg with Mint Sauce, Braised Beef Cheeks, Provencal Lamb Rack, Fish Piccata and Champagne Pork Ribs.

  39. The restaurant definitely look refreshed and bright from your pictures.
    After reading your post, I was initially thinking the meat offerings (think roast lamb leg with mint sauce), but since you say local dishes seem to be their strength, I decided on Assam Fish. Love this local dish but seldom find a good one outside. Your description of the fresh fish slices and assam gravy, I am salivating thinking of the gravy on rice. Hmm Hmm~

  40. I am spoilt for choices because of the many succulent and wonderful dishes available. One of my all-time favourite has to be the laksa, so that is something I am really looking forward to trying at Atrium Restaurant! The prawn-soaked gravy, together with the juicy tau pok, cockles and prawns make the perfect hot bowl of happiness anytime. I am thrilled to try everything on the buffet menu!

  41. My favourite will be the carving station because I am a meat lover! I especially enjoy salmon, beef, lamb and chicken so I know I'll be saving my stomach for them meat

  42. My favorite is chilli crab as the crab here is very fresh and yummy, super delicious, this month is my birthday month, really hope to win and celebrate my birthday 🙂

  43. looks like a change for the better 🙂

    My favourite would be the chilli crab. who doesn’t love crabs? the sweet and spicy taste puts your taste buds through a roller coaster experience. Top it off with the fluffy fried mantou.

  44. My favourite will be Mussel Otah-Otah, because I love both otah and mussel! It is the first time I’ve seen mussel and otah prepared together in such a way, and it looks really wicked such that salivate just by looking at the picture! ‘Can take a few.’? I’d just take the whole pot (just kidding)?

  45. OMG!! All the food looks great! It’s really hard to choose only one food item as my favourite. If i have to choose, I’ll go for the Mussel Otah-Otah! My entire family loves otah and seafood like clams and mussels. Would be great if i could bring my mum to try them on her coming birthday!

  46. My favourite will be whole baked salmon and icecream with pancake. Coz I love salmon and icecream. Salmon is healthy can help my baby to develop his/her brain better. Due to pregnancy, I'm forbid to eat icecream by my hubby. So sad.

  47. My favorite dish would be the Chilli Crab! I love seafood and what’s more biting into succulent and fresh crab together with the not so spicy gravy and mantou!!! I’ll indulge for sure!!!
    Liked and Shared (:

  48. All the food looks really good! Yum.. Yum..

    My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant will be Mussel Otah-Otah. I’m a big fan of Otah-Otah too! It’s creative to have both together, I can’t wait to have a bite on it!

    *Liked and shared*

  49. YAY i can comment now,
    Hello Daniel,
    i Have Follow all steps
    Step 1: like Daniel food Dairy on facebook, In fact i liked all your social media including your instagram. Have been following you and you do inspired me on being a food blogger. Love all the things you share.
    Step 2: Liked and shared this entry.Commented on instagram too because i really want to win this awesome buffet treat from you.
    Step 3: I need to try the buffet to know my favourite. but at the mean time with your delicious description of the food i guess i my fav will be Chilli crab! yummy!!!! Singapore Local dishes is the best.
    Lastly i hope i can win because this Saturday is my mum birthday and it would be great if i can bring her there. So please let me win. Food is essential but family is priceless.
    Thank you Mr Daniel for this giveaway.
    Yours sincerely,

  50. Definitely the Mussel Otah-Otah because I love eating mussels and I’m also an otah lover! So this fusion of mussel of otah otah is just too tempting!!!

  51. chilli crabs!!! Is a must eat seafood.
    Most of the food here is also what I would like to try..
    If I win means I can celebrate my birthday here.

  52. Marinated Tumeric Chicken is definitely the favourite item I wanna try! The name alone sounds tasty already!

    I love hot & spicy food and Thai food is a must in my daily life.

    Moreover this chicken dish is created by Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai so hopefully I could win this chance to taste my “die die must try” turmeric chicken dish at Holiday Inn 🙂

  53. I love the curry laksa. As a laksa lover, Atrium’s version, complete with fragrant gravy together with dried shrimps, provides the necessary creaminess all laksas should have but yet was not too oily.

  54. Would love to try the Assam Fish! Cos I love fish and Assam. The more Assam, the better!
    That said, I really want to try everything mentioned – how to choose?!

  55. Roasted lamb leg with mint sauce. Fresh and tender and it the meat just easily chew effortlessly. Delicious and hope to try it again!!

  56. Liked & shared on FB.
    I’m a Laksa person and everytime I’m at a buffet I would definitely try the Laksa if there’s one… Can’t wait to try the Curry Laksa which would most probably be my favourite!

  57. I love almost everything edible from the sea (especially shelled seafood) and I’d say that Chilli Crab is likely my most favourite item from Atrium but I am equally curious about the Mussel Otah-Otah 🙂

  58. Probably chilli crab because.. I can eat a bucket of mantous with the sauce!!! (and also hopefully lots of pincer meat)

  59. My favourite item will be the Marinated Tumeric Chicken. I love the fragrant of the spices used.
    I have yet to try Holiday Inn Atrium buffet and would love to go for a feast with friends. <3

  60. if I’ve got to choose one, I would go for the dessert though I really wanna choose the chilli crab. But this buffet is so unique that they serve waffles with macaroons and ice cream! I’ve always thought that an awesome buffet is not awesome if the desserts are just so-so! But to top it off, they serve such expensive yet yummy desserts! It makes the whole buffet complete.

    Even if I don’t win it, I’ll still go for the buffet

  61. I love the chilli crabs and desert!!! I live overseas and am going back home for 2 weeks’ holiday so this would be a treat for me if I win!!!

  62. I love the chilli crabs and desert!!! I love the sweetness and unique design of the deserts. I also love our national food! I live overseas and am going back home for 2 weeks’ holiday so this would be a treat for me if I win!!!

  63. i love all your good posts.. Very good review when I am deciding where to eat. Will love to get the free opportunity to try out the new buffet at hotel atrium… Especially the crabs… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  64. Your page has brought me to places I never knew existed and tasted food that’s pretty awesome!

    Fresh seafood and laksa are my favourites! Would love the chance to try it!

  65. My favorite item from Atrium Restaurant would be the Pancakes / Waffles prepared fresh in front of you with a scoop or two of Gelato because which girl doesn’t like Desserts? 🙂

  66. I remember visit this buffet restaurant when it used to be called ‘Melting Pot Cafe’ for my brother’s birthday treat. Pleasant ambience, wide variety of food and pretty good service sum up my dining experience. Would be amazing to revisit this place and explore its food galore.

  67. The food looks amazing! One of the must tries would be the chilli crab, it’s not every day we find a buffet which offers this Singapore signature! I believe that it will be amazing with its ambience and other offerings such as the seafood station!

  68. Would love to try the Champagne Pork Ribs, seems like a very innovative dish. *drools* I would make a bee-line for the fresh seafood selection too ~ *liked & shared*

  69. so many of my favourites to choose from… but would like to try the Braised Beef Cheeks… can imagine how the slow-cooked goodness will melt in my mouth.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Liked & shared!!

    Facebook: Kok Hui Or

    Dessert Lover like me, personalised fresh prepared waffles with with my favourite ingredients <33 i would go crazy after macarons~~~~ my dad would love the chili crab! because he's a crab lover and he often tabao chili crab home so ahhhhhh he would be happy and i would be happy to win this! 🙂

  71. definitely mussle otah :)) i love seafood and i love otah!! been having otah cravings too xD
    Liked and shared (fb name courtney darissa lynch)

  72. I’m not really an otah fan but this Mussel Otah-Otah makes me wanted to try it because I’ve eaten otah with squid and prawns but mussel otah is something new and creative and only available at Atrium Restaurant! So, it’s a must try! :))

  73. I really love Braised Beef Cheeks as firstly I love eating Beef and Beef Cheeks is not easy to prepare also it takes a long time to Braise till it is soft and tender.

  74. Liked and Shared! The Mussel Otah-Otah is my favourite item from Atrium Restaurant because the chefs gave mussel a new and awesome life by filling it with Otah. This is the first time I saw mussel coated with otah and I would love to give it a try. I would bring my SG50 mummy who will be turning 50 this coming 9 August 2015! I hope to take this opportunity to bring her to the Atrium Restaurant and enjoy a scrumptious meal!

  75. My favourite dish from Atrium Restaurant will be Chilli Crab!! Will love to bring my family there in April to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday! Previously, he would cook chilli crab for us to relish! Now, it’s my turn to reciprocate so that he’ll not need to be so tired to whip up this meal for us! Hope he’s healthy and happy every day!:)) Liked & shared:D

  76. Definitely the chocolate fondue, because I am one of those chocolate fanatics that heads straight to the chocolate fondue whenever there is one at a buffet!

  77. I think I’ll love Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Capers Cream Sauce. Should be very good with some lemon! It would be great if I can bring my girlfriend to eat there.

  78. Favorite item will be Chilli crabs! I guess it’s not needed to be explained further cause….its chilli crab! A signature, must-have dish in Singapore that everyone enjoys and dies for! Nevertheless, since it’s at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, it should definitely be irrestible and unbeatable to consumers!! Hence, my favorite!!! Nothing gonna “get over” chilli crabs!!!! 🙂

  79. Previously been to Melting Pot Café, and is not aware that it is now known as Atrium Restaurant. hope to be able to have a good meal with my hubby at the “new” buffet place

  80. DEFINITELY the Mussel otah would be something I would drool and not hold back as I am totally addicted to otah and shellfish. What more of a great combination can I ask! 😀

  81. Assam Fish! My family’s all time favourite and I believe they will love if they get an opportunity to try it out at Atrium Restaurant!

  82. hi hi!! My fav will be chili carb like duh! It’s singapore delicacy! I really love it a lot!(: I want to go eat please!!

  83. What other better way to spend a good quality catch-up time with my BFF of 25yrs than to hv a hearty buffet together at Holiday Inn!!!!

  84. Definitely waffles with gelato and top with macarons and fruits! Dessert is a must-to-eat in every meal because they are heavenly!

    Ps: liked and shared! 🙂

    Facebook: Bao Hui

  85. I love seafood especially prawns and oysters. But I jolly well know that me and my don can’t afford to pay such an expensive buffer dinner cos I am broke and jobless! We are only drooling to see the picture posted on Facebook. But I will definitely share this good news with my Facebook friends.

  86. I love eating Chilli Crab where the meat is juicy and dipping deep-fried mantou with the sweet and spicy sauce is absolutely delicious! Most importantly, getting my hand dirty with this food and licking my fingers after eating.

    FB: Chew Siew Khim . Liked and shared!

  87. I would love to choose the Chilli Crab as it is one of my favorite local food while being pregnant currently and I have heard that it is one of the best served Chilli crab in the Atrium Restaurant!

  88. Mussel Otah-Otah would be a good choice. Like Daniel, the gym instructor, lecturer and food blogger, I am also a big otah fan. I have seen much ways of cooking otah but this is ingenious. I would perceive these fresh mussels complemented with the spiced fish paste, will be light, almost fluffy, very tender, and absolutely won’t have that “fishy” taste. Instead, the taste should be a super-good mushroom but with that whole ethereal “ocean” flavour blended with a zesty feel of oriental emotions. Liked and shared!

  89. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant would be the Curry Laksa which looks so delicious and inviting with fresh shrimp. I am a huge fan of Curry Laksa, a dish that’s so fragrant and full of flavours, it never fails to satisfy my appetite. I like that this dish is served in a smaller bowl that way I can indulge without too much guilt.

  90. My favourite item from the Atrium Restaurant would be the Marinated Tumeric Chicken that is served with Thai sweet chilli sauce. It looks so delicious & irresistible

  91. I would love to choose the Chilli Crab, because It is Singapore food!!! i would highly recommend it to all my foreigner friends when they come to singapore. Yummy, and delicious!!!

  92. Mussel Otah Otah! Love seeing chefs putting in the time nd effort to invent new dishes and this Mussel Otah Otah is a very refreshing new take on our traditional niang toufu! Hope to see more of such creativity in future so we can always look forward to some new things to try out during buffets 🙂

  93. Marinated Tumeric Chicken by Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai because I am a fan of spices. Spices make the food more flavourful and I want to try this Marinated Tumeric Chicken which looks so appetising in your photo ^^

  94. Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Capers Cream Sauce! Because the photo looks amazing, already salivating just by looking at the photo! Liked and shared 🙂

  95. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant will be CURRY LASKA! How can one resist the sweet coconut and yet spicy soup base against the smooth meehoon! Just the description of it makes me want to dash to Atrium Restaurant immediately! It will definitely be a must eat in Singapore, and a perfect dish to open up our appetite for more food ahead! 🙂

  96. Chilli Crab. The yummylicous chilli crab sauce goes so well with the man tou dipped in it that it simply leaves one to desire for more! Never enough!

  97. Great giveaway by Daniel food diary and Atrium restaurant. My favorite food served in the Atrium would be the Mussel otah-otah. As on the 27th March is my birthday and 28th is my first year anniversary with my gf..would hope to celebrate in the atrium to mark this memorable occasion. =)

  98. Hello! Looking at the the arrays of mouthwatering food, it’s insanely hard to choose a favorite. If I really have to choose one, it will be the roasted lamb leg with mint sauce because amazing culinary skills is required to pull this one off well. Combined with mint sauce, it’s a perfect match! Looking forward to try the food here at this new Atrium Restaurant.

  99. Only went there once can’t Really remembers what food nice but the cooked foods taste good. N kids station for kids was great.

  100. Hi Daniel

    If I have to choose a food served in the Atrium, it will be the mussel otah otah. Firstly, I have not seen such an unique food item that mixes different cultures in one. Secondly, I think my parents will enjoy their experience there because it serves their favorite food and I think they do deserve such a treat. Thank you!

  101. Hi Daniel

    Its been a while since I last dine here….it would be nice to enjoy a meal with a group of friends over dinner to do some catching up…

    Many Thanks
    April Lee

  102. Hi Danielfooddiary! Dad would love to try the roasted lamb leg, Assam fish and almost everything:) desserts for me anytime^_^ Thank you!

  103. Hehe.. Definitely e Chilli Crab!!
    My hubby and me love crabs.. I love it when he pampers me with e peeled ones..
    I do enjoy “digging” for e crab meats too.. its been a while since we have it, as hub decided to stay away from this temptation to keep himself fit.. so its time to reward him & have a feast.. yummm

  104. Hi Daniel,

    It’s been years since I went there for dinner. I hope to bring my family there for my mum’s birthday this month. Thank you!

  105. Confirm is Chilli Crab the Singapore food! enjoyed over a buffet means can have as much as you want! yummzzzz. Hope to win this to enjoyyyyy 🙂

  106. Hi Daniel,

    Life has been rough and rocky.
    hope this would brings a smile on my face and ease my financial burden

    Thank you&
    Best regards,

  107. My favourite is Chilli Crab. Looking at the photograph, I am drooling, the juicy and spicy gravy with the mantou will make my day.

  108. I would like to try their laksa once more! All the yummy egggggssss. I love the soup so much that I had 2 bowls of laksa (with extra egg and prawns) and a third bowl of the soup alone last time. The soup was not overpowered by the taste of coconut milk even though it was quite creamy.

  109. I would like to try the chilli crab and marinated tumeric chicken. Given that chilli crab is my favourite and wanting to taste how marinated tumeric chicken taste like .

  110. I didn’t try b4 the buffet so I can’t say what is my favorite food at there…

    But it seem there’s chili crab… So mayb I will try their crab~ yum!!

  111. Definitely chilli crab!!! My all time favourite dish! But i would like to try the rest as well it all looked so appetising

  112. WOW! I would Love to try all kind of buffet variety foods especially the Chilli Crab, look so tempting nice. I’m a crab lover. I hope to win this pair of buffet and enjoy with my best friend as her birthday is coming soon around the corner.

  113. My hubby and I are seafood lover. The chilli crabs lokks do Yummilicious! Thanks for the chance and hope that we will win and can celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary there.

  114. – What will be your favorite item from Atrium Restaurant and why?
    Answer: My favorite item is the Chilli Crab & Waffle with ice-cream.
    I love to eat dessert & I’m a fan of seafood. Because I am chef. I have passion in cooking and baking. I want to understand different ways of style on how people cook and display the food. Also love to taste different kind of food. 🙂

    Liked & Share..

  115. Definitely Chilli Crab .. super hard to resist ..with it’s savoury sauce, succulent crab and crispy fried mantous .. super yummy combo ..

  116. The dish that I would want to try most would be the mussel otah. I felt that this is quite a unique combination of fish paste and seafood and the name is really intriguing. I certainly wonder how the my tastebuds would react to this! 🙂

  117. Chilli Crab as I have never tried it before even at hawker centres. It seems to be very yummy in the photo. Wish that I can get a chance to try it finally! ^^

  118. I am a meat lovers, I definitely want to try the whole baked salmon, Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Capers Cream Sauce, Roasted Lamb Leg with Mint Sauce, Braised Beef Cheeks, Provencal Lamb Rack, Fish Piccata and Champagne Pork Ribs.

  119. If I am being offered the opportunity to experience this wonderful buffet spread, I would have to say that the whole baked salmon and the mussels otah otah would be one of my favorites! This decision was a tough call amidst the desserts which are available in the buffet spread since everyone who knows me well will immediately identify me as a desserts lover or basically a foodie. I chose these two dishes because the whole baked salmon is a healthy choice as opposed to any other cooking method and salmon tastes best when it is either smoked or baked. On top of that, it is garnished with lemon and parsley which gives a great artistic finish to the dish. Next, i chose the mussels otah otah as it a significant level of spiciness to it and it is also baked. The vast variety of food spread and the healthy choice of preparing them makes this buffet simply irresistible.

  120. Mussel Otah-Otah – Imagine eating an oyster and then finding a pearl; I am pretty sure eating the otah and finding a mussel underneath will garner the same feeling!

  121. My favourite item at Atrium Restaurant will be Champagne Pork Ribs! Because I would need to pay extra for having Champagne in buffets but here at the Atrium Restaurant, I can eat pork ribs and have Champagne at the same time! 😀

  122. Mussel otah otah because mussels and otah are my favourite food and I’m really curious how it tastes like when they combine power!

  123. I’m craving for chilli crab! Haven’t had this dish for a loooong time and I’m glad its buffet so I can eat this alot without breaking my piggy bank! Liked n shared ♡♡♡

  124. Liked and Shared! Thank you for this wonderful and timely giveaway! Would love to celebrate my mom’s 50th Birthday at the chic Atrium Restaurant in conjunction with the special SG50 celebration! She loves anything spicy so she would definitely love the Chilli Crab! In my case, the salmon and the desserts are calling out to me!

  125. whole baked salmon ! it’s not easy to get baked salmon cooked till perfection as in most places it’s often too dry. and i just love salmon !

  126. Confirm the cakes! I’m a sweets person, so usually I’ll have my shared of the sweet stuff ie desserts FIRST, before I start on the savory ie the main courses and meat.
    I like my buffet reversed, always!

  127. My favourite buffet item would definitely be the desserts! I’m particularly attracted to the waffles personalisation counter as I have not seen this at the buffets I’ve been to. If I can win the tickets, I would want to bring my mum here for her upcoming birthday next month! I’m sure she’ll go for the chilli crab and laksa first, especially with them looking so mouth-watering in the photos! Really hope I can be the lucky one to win this giveaway so that I can give my mum a surprise! ^^

  128. My favourite dish from Atrium Restaurant is marinated tumeric chicken served with Thai sweet chilli sauce because it is my favourite dish and sauce, would definitely love to try this dish at Atrium Restaurant! I would like to win this giveaway so that I can have a surprise for my hubby! Fb: Michelle Wong Liked and Shared! 😀

  129. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant would be the Curry Laksa which looks so delicious and inviting with fresh shrimp. I am a huge fan of Curry Laksa, a dish that’s so fragrant and full of flavours, it never fails to satisfy my appetite. I like that this dish is served in a smaller bowl that way I can indulge without too much guilt. I would like to win this giveaway as a surprise for my mom for her upcoming birthday!
    Fb: Veralynn Tan
    Liked & Shared! ♥

  130. Thank you for this wonderful and timely giveaway! Would love to celebrate my mom’s 50th Birthday at the chic Atrium Restaurant in conjunction with the special SG50 celebration! She loves anything spicy so she would definitely love the Chilli Crab! In my case, the salmon and the desserts are calling out to me!
    Fb: Jacky Choi
    Liked & Shared! 🙂

  131. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant will be Curry Laska! How can one resist the sweet coconut and yet spicy soup base against the smooth beehoon! Just the description of it makes me want to dash to Atrium Restaurant immediately! It will definitely be a must eat in Singapore, and a perfect dish to open up our appetite for more food ahead!
    Fb: Malcolm Tan
    Liked and Shared! 😉

  132. the pancakes and waffles freshly made in front of me, and baked salmon too! Making me so tempting to have it right now!

  133. Chilli crab is my all time favourite. I grew up in Singapore since young and I love Singapore’s delicacies. Would love to enjoy this dish with my loved ones that i grew up with since young.

  134. Would love to try Marinated Tumeric Chicken because i have been trying to perfect this dish for my kids but i havent found the right recipe for it

  135. Hi Daniel,

    My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant would be Curry Laksa because it’s look delicious and ingredients such as shrimp looks fresh as well. The soup base’s colour look very appealing and make us desire to eat it.

    FB: Casy Ang

    Done Liked & Shared

  136. My favourite item from Atrium Restaurant definitely is Marinated Tumeric Chicken because I am a chicken lover and just by looking at the picture make my saliva drooling ! I can’t wait to try this enticing and appetizing dish by Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai and dipping the chicken with Thai sweet chilli sauce definitely would trickle my taste buds ! Yummy ! <3

  137. Congrats to Eileen (yi_ning_933), Teo Siew Chin and Blanche Tan for winning the vouchers. You will be contacted via email. Enjoy the meal!

    • Hi Cheryl, some of the signature items are available on a rotating basis. For example, some days laksa, some days other types of noodles. Calling them to check would be the best. 🙂


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