While HillV2 at Hillview Rise near Bt Timah is still a largely unexplored mall with many eateries, the newly opened Kinsa Sushi has been attracting nearby residents, the working class and personnel from MINDEF for its Japanese fare at wallet-friendly prices.

For those who find the name of this Japanese restaurant familiar, Kinsa was first established at Ang Mo Kio’s Jubilee Square (has closed AMK outlet due to leasing issues), and has become popular with those in the vicinity.

While the original outlet had a more casual family-friendly concept, the HillV2 branch’s take was to quality Japanese cuisine (with some dishes usually found at higher end restaurants) at affordable price-points.

A quick flip of the menu would reveal the range of its wide offerings – appetizers (Wagyu Tataki, Tamago Yaki), Sashimi, Sushi, Grilled Items, Hotplates, Deep Fried Items (Tempura, Karaage), Soups, Dons, Noodles (Udon, Soda), Bento Sets and Desserts.

I had my initial reservations. Many of the items seemed similar to the other Japanese restaurants in Singapore, which kept me wondering about its unique selling point.

Kinsa Sushi did have a few stand-out dishes.

The Wagyu Don ($24.80) which contained pan fried wagyu beef on rice and miso soup, was prepared using A4 Grade Wagyu from Kagoshima Japan. Co-owner Shannon Wong illustrated that it was “fine dining quality beef, heartland price”

Not exaggerating, this was one of the best beef bowl I had. The glistering slices were luxurious with their marbling, perfectly cut, tender and flavourful that would leave traces of happiness in your mouth and belly.

I also found my bowl of comfort in the Foie Gras Mizore Mushi ($6.80), reasonably priced for the ingredient it contained, and was piping hot, light but still tasty.

One unique feature of Kinsa Sushi was that they had a seasonal seafood tank near the front of the restaurant for you to pick fresh seafood items (seafood comes from various parts of Japan 3-4 times a week), and have them prepared in cooking methods of your choice.

We had an Ikashi Sashi ($35, price depending on item picked), where the fish was first sliced sashimi style, and subsequently the rest of the parts such as the bones was cooked into soup. Essentially, we had two dishes for the price of one (Kind of reminded me of Peking duck).

Other than sashimi-style, the other common style would be grilling. While this is a practice which may be found at higher end restaurants, Kinsa Sushi’s price makes it a really good deal. Freshness assured.

According to Shannon, office goers also enjoyed their Special Reverse Roll, such as the Fried Seafood Roll ($13.80), Bento Sets ($10.80 to $14.80) and Bara Chirashi Set ($14.80). (Mental note to have the Bara Chirashi the next time.)

Kinsa Sushi offered fresh sashimi and sushi, and some quality signature dishes that could differentiate this restaurant from the usual big boys. Worthy of recommendation, keep a lookout for it when you are at HillV2 or Ang Mo Kio.

Kinsa Sushi
4 Hillview Rise HillV2 #02-02 Singapore 667979
Tel: +65 67107278
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm -10pm (Mon-Thurs), 11:30am – 10pm (Fri-Sun, PH)
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  1. Definately ikashi sashi! Look at the fresh fish they display in the fish tank, who will say no to the fresh seafood when it is in front of their eyes

  2. Melts in your mouth Wagyu beef bowl a must, iKashi Sashi to share with my friend who lives in Hillv2. Foie gras mizore mushi to start off & that ice cream dessert on your post to finish off…slurp!

  3. I’d love to order the Ikashi Sashi. The fresh sliced sashimi looks amazing and I’m sure the bones used to make the broth would taste wonderful and refreshing. Hot (soup) + Cold (sashimi). What a glorious duo! YummY! =)

  4. I would order Wagyu Don as it is of a premium grade at a heartland price. It is known to be tender, flavourful with excellent marbling and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Both my girlfriend and I love beef and this is a must-have for the both of us.

  5. I would order the Wagyu Don because I enjoy beef a lot, and that pricing for a wagyu beef bowl? Totally worth it. The picture and review for the beef bowl looks great too, I would love to be able to get to try it for myself 🙂

  6. Wagyu beef because i will be bringing my mum with me and she loves beef:)

    I hope to spend a good night with her there.

    All along she is the one who brings me to nice places for food.

    This time around its my turn!

    Please let me win this! :)?

  7. Wagyu Don for the win as they simply know the right mix for this and I will follow them from AMK to HillView2 to wherever else they will expand to!

  8. I really like the Ikashi Sashi and would order that. I think it's pretty cool that I can choose either sashimi or grilled (but I would definitely go for sashimi <3) and I would get the soup too! 😀 I really love soup stock and sashimi so this is definitely a to-order dish! 😀 <3 and shared on Facebook! 😀

  9. Would love to order their Wagyu Don =9 and Foie Gras Mizore Mushi since it’s their signature dishes. From the photos they look so delish..the beef look fresh. juicy & tender!

  10. Of course wagyu beef! Bf favourite and because of me, he doesn’t eat good beef nor goes to good wagyu beef restaurants as I can’t enjoy beef. Would love to bring him there while i enjoy the other awesome food!

  11. Definitely the wagyu don, it seems super value for money!! Never tried foie gras so that would be interesting as well (: and the ika sashi looks v v enticing!! Definitely wanna try so many things here (((:

  12. To be really honest, after seeing this post I had a look at the menu and saw that there were just too many items I wanted to try. From the seasonal unnamed catches… sashimi I’ve only read but never had chance to try… to the salivating $24 wagyu bowl, I know im gonna have to come here right after I cash out all my Angpaos! Hopefully i’ll get to have a 30 bucks voucher can offset some of my bill… and try even more desserts after!!

  13. “The glistering slices were luxurious with their marbling, perfectly cut, tender and flavourful that would leave traces of happiness in your mouth and belly.” convinced me that YOU(wagyu don) are gonna be in my next #Yummybucketlist

  14. Wagyu Don! Why? Simply cos I’ve never felt such an urge to finish it off just from picture! Now that I managed to hold off the temptation to like share and post, can I have some wagyu please!

  15. I would LOVE to try the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken on Rice because I would LOVE to try the Teriyaki Chicken served at Kinsa Sushi!!

  16. I would like to order deep fried items! We’re going to Singapore in this coming May for our wedding anniversary ! (From Bangkok)

  17. I'd order the wagyu don because the slices of beef look stunning, cooked to perfection (I can imagine tasting them already oh god) and along with a runny egg just the way I like it, I'm sure it will be pure ecstasy, bliss and one stupendous party for my tastebuds and tummy hehe.

  18. I will order the ikashi sashi, not only we can taste two styles but important is the freshest of seafood direct from Japan 3/4 times a week!

  19. I will order the Ikashi Sashi as I love sashimi. It’s healthy and I can get to taste two dishes for the price of one. It is affordable and value for money. Definitely want to try it !

  20. Hi Daniel! I'd pick Wagyu Don! I don't really consume much beef, but my bf adores succulent and tender meat. *.* We weren't able to celebrate V'day together, and now that he's back by my side, I'd love the chance to celebrate a belated one with him at Kinsa Sushi! +++his house is just a stone's throw away from HillV2 sooo pleaseee make this happen for us <3

  21. Hi Daniel! I’d pick Wagyu Don to try ^.^ I don’t really consume much beef, but my bf adores succulent and tender meat. *.* We weren’t able to celebrate V’day together, and now that he’s back by my side, I’d love the chance to celebrate a belated one with him at Kinsa Sushi! +++his house is just a stone’s throw away from HillV2 sooo pleaseee make this happen for us ♥

  22. Wagyu Don would be my prime choice! The finest quality beef makes it a mouth watering dish difficult to resist and it would excite my taste buds and be the best comfort food for the tummy!

  23. I would definitely order the Ikashi Sashi because I’m a lover of sashimi, especially salmon! Also, being able to taste 2 dishes for the price of 1 sounds like a really great deal to me!

  24. I would definitely order the Wagyu Don, the beef looks really well-flavored and juicy! The photo of Wagyu Don already looks so droolworthy, can't imagine seeing and tasting the real thing!

  25. HillV2 has been my to-go for meals especially since my home is just a 5 min walk away! I've been to Kinsa Sushi twice but have not tried their Wagyu Don – definitely will try it the next time I head there!

  26. wagyu don and chirashi don definitely. Both sounds oishiii already and i totally love jap food since 5yrs old no kidding


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