Choux on clogs? My mum will probably scream if she sees me putting my FOOD (not foot) on the clogs. These red clogs would come in handy for the Chinese New Year, which I could probably use under the mahjong table instead of my usual red underwear (Okay, Daniel says TMI).

Choux, pronounced as “shoo” or “shoe”, is the reason why the Les Délices’s choux are displayed on the red clogs. Situated near to Chinatown at Kreta Ayer where our Chinese heritage lies, the red clogs symbolized the Samsui women who contributed greatly to Singapore’s development in the past.

Cafe owner Georgina Sim, a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, hoped to bring smiles and enjoyment to people with her creations, thus naming the café, Les Délices, which means “The Delights” in French.

The interior was lined with white wood panels and gilded with gold accents, with a Victorian feel. 3 seats were available at the bar table for people watching while indulging in the pastries.

A total of 8 pastries were on display at any one time, including Choux of 3 different flavours, Earl Grey, Matcha and Valrhona Guanaja ($5.90 each).

Instead of just limiting to coffee selection, what caught my attention was the tea selection, in this case, Chinese tea such as Pu- Erh, Fenghuang Dancong, Tie Guan Yin, Shuixian ($4.20 each).

Everyday, only one type of Chinese tea will be served as the Cold Brew ($4.90). Truly an innovative East meets West fusion.

Of the three, we liked the Earl Grey flavoured one best, as its taste was the most distinct and impressionable. The other two felt it needed more intensity… more matcha, more valrhona.

While the choux filing was creamy and smooth, we wondered about the size – neither here nor there. Something bigger would have given those darlings more oomph.

Standing tall with its brightly colored mango toppings, the Mango Charlotte Cake ($9.50) caught our attention. The mango mousse was rich enough but we would prefer the texture to be softer and moist.

The Lemon Strawberry Rosette ($9.80) was sitting there like a dainty lady with a pink rosy complexion. Looking demure on the outside, with strong and rich flavours on the inside, this was our personal favourite among the others.

The cream was lemony and zesty while encasing a layer of strawberry coulis to give a good balance of sour and sweetness.

The Berry Popping Cheesecake ($9.50) probably didn’t stand out as much as the Mango Charlotte Cake and Lemon Strawberry Rosette due to its darker complexion. But a first bite into the candy base did give us a little surprise with the additional texture.

The 2 chocolate domes namely Heavenly Chocolate ($10.90) and Choco-nana ($10.90) were catered to the chocolate lovers. The Heavenly Chocolate consisted of 5 different layers and tasted like a gigantic Ferrero Rocher.

Even though both chocolate domes tasted decent, they were less memorable than the ones we had above.

With so many cafes opening around Singapore, did Les Délices make the right decision in putting its “foot” into this competitive industry? I believed so; after all they are off to a good start with the East meets West fusion of Chinese tea with Western delights.

Les Délices
333 Kreta Ayer Road, #01-14, Singapore 080333 (5-10 min walk from Chinatown MRT)
Tel: +65 6536 8087
Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm (Mon), 12pm – 10pm (Tues-Sat), Closed Sun

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*By Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan. Daniel also ate some of the pastries and gave his comments.



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