Queues, food crazes, food trends, speared from our increasing diet of instagram-worthy photogenic food, numerous cafes (including pet cafes) and Korean pop culture.

Bubbletea, cupcakes, dou hway, ramen, rainbow cakes and tapas bars, we still love you though not as much.

These are 10 Trending Food of Singapore in 2014 that we fell head over heels for.

At last count, at least 200 New Cafes In Singapore, though it is anticipated about 20% has closed or will be drawing down their curtains next year.

The more surprising thing? About 20 new ones are sprouting out this last month of the year. Potential café owners, I hope you have done your calculations. If not, read this (10 Lessons For The Potential Entrepreneur).

Soft Serves and Froyo
First, there was llao llao, then Honey Creme. Okay, they are quite nice… but queuing for half an hour or more, I don’t get this.

Even though they have been around for a while, the Godiva $8 chocolate soft serve and AmaSoy $2.30 matcha cone have been experiencing much increased sales. (Is it because of this post? Haha.)

Bold predication for 2015: Jcone

Lobster Roll
It could have started with Pince & Pints, whose $48 lobster roll with chunks of steamed lobster meat in a soft bun caused quite a queue

Tunglok went from Dick Lee to Dancing Crabs… The Market Grill, Platypus Lobster Shack, Boston Seafood Shack, Cajun Kings, The Naked Finn all have their own credible versions, some below $20. Even Swensens joined in the lobster party.

Korean BBQ
The more, the merrier. The prices get lower. 감사합니다 from Korean fans. I’m KIM at SOTA sold their lunch buffet at $14++, Daessiksin 大食神 at $14.90++. Still can earn? The shophouses along Tanjong Pagar are completely transformed to Korean BBQ land.

Come to think of it, we Singaporeans in this hot weathered country really love our hotpots. Time for bonding. Hai Di Lao 1 and Hai Di Lao 2 continue to please with their noodle making gimmicks and airline-standard service.

On the other spectrum, we hope to get good skin out of Tsukada Nojo’s Bijin Nabe aka collagen beauty pot. Drink hot pot and get beautiful at the same time. (I mean, seriously.)

Chicken Wings
You are my destiny… Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun created a Korean Fried Chicken frenzy after Man From The Stars. I was one of the innocent party who also fell in love with Korean Fried Chicken.

Back home in a little coffeeshop at Alexandra, Two Wings has also created their destiny.

Waffles with ice cream – yes. Waffles with crispy fried chicken – 1000 calories, but yes. Waffles with duck confit – also can. Waffles with otah – localised, I like.

In a few months, there were 15 new waffles & ice cream cafes in Singapore. A few more joined in the game this December.

Truffle Fries
Normal fries = $7. Truffle fries (add some truffle oil), plus $3 = $10. According to Wikipedia, most truffle oils are not made from actual truffles, but are a synthetic product that combines a thioether (2,4-dithiapentane). Doesn’t matter right, as long as they smell good. Yes. Yes?

Red Velvet Cakes
What? You mean the Rainbow Cake is not trending? It still is. But the Red Velvet cakes have found their way into instagram popularity. Never mind most are made of colouring instead of beetroot juice.

Cold Pressed Juice
As 2015 approaches and the same old same old New Year resolution comes forth, the words “cold pressed juice”, “detox” and “cleansing” will ring your ears in office.

$400 for juices detox. Bring it on! But can we wait till 1st January 2015?

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