Just a short walk away from Tiong Bahru and Havelock Road is one of my favourite Beo Crescent Market and Food Centre.

While it may not be as in the radar as some of the other popular food centres, there are many good hawker stalls selling a variety of delicious and affordable local delights.

Some names that come to mind: Ha Ha Prawn Noodles, Xi De Li Dough Sticks, Alexandra Village Avocado Juice and Hai Chew Fish Soup.

Here are 5 stalls you can try at Beo Crescent Market and Food Centre:

Ha Ha Big Prawn Noodle #01-81 (7:30am – 3pm, Closed Mon)
Formerly from Lao Pa Sat, Ha Ha’s big prawn noodles ($4/$5) comes with huge sea prawns, and braised pork ribs so tender that you can even devour the bones. I ordered a bowl of dry mee kia, which noodles tasted more springy and thin than the usual, tossed in a spicy seasoning with fragrant fried shallots and pork lard. Soup was also flavoursome, cooked for hours with prawn heads and pork bones. Recommended!

Hai Chew Fish Soup #01-85 (8am – 7pm)
Photos of celebrity with the chef line the stall front, where the owner was a restaurant chef previously. Hai Chew is known for their Batang Fish Soup and Bee Hoon. The fish slices were generous in portion for its price of $4, and didn’t have that fishy taste. Comparing the two, I preferred the deep fried fish which was thick and tasty, matched with a soup base which was light.

Shun Xing #01-89 (7am – 5pm)
$2.50 wanton mee are hard to find nowadays, and Shun Xing sells the old-school style of noodles tossed in a wet dark sauce, which could remind you of childhood days (depends on how old you are). You can also request for the ketchup version. I also liked the ‘shui jiao’ dumplings, hand-wrapped with sweet minced pork and prawns.

Vegetarian Food – Mei Jing Su Shi #01-76 (6am – 2pm)
A plate of vegetarian bee hoon, kueh tiao or noodles with three items go at $2.50, while brown rice for the same cost $3.00. There are the standard dishes such as mock char siew, fried vegetables, while the sweet and sour ‘pork’ and spring rolls are popular with customers too. Noon time, you can also request for ‘zhi char’ items such as fried noodles and horfun.

Uncle Lim’s Beverages #01-79 (4am – 3pm)
The drinks stall serves the usual soya milk, glass jelly and barley. And it is the smooth and silky ‘tau hway’ beancurd that could keep you coming back. You can add toppings such as attap seeds, ginger, pearls, or gingko nuts, and I was surprised to get a bowl full of them.

5% Rebate with FlashPay
One thing you would notice about Beo Crescent Food Centre is that food items are generally cheaper, even though the centre is technically quite near the CBD and town. $4-$5 can get you a decent filling meal with a drink included.

The further good news, FlashPay users can also enjoy a 5% rebate at selected stalls at this food centre (as well as Clementi 448 Market and Food Centre.)

You would just need to place a FlashPay over a reader at the hawker stall, and no PIN code or charge slip needs to be administered.

Personally, I also find this both convenient and hygienic – no need to carry lots of dollars and coins, and hawkers do not need to handle cash with wet hands.

Chance to Win A Condo Unit
Seriously. A condo? I noticed it when I bought my kopi-si peng and saw “Win a Condo, Tap & Pay with FlashPay” on the cup.

It turns out that you would just need to make a valid FlashPay payment transaction and you are entered into the lucky draw automatically. No registration or minimum spending required.

20 participants will win S$1,000 cash each, and one lucky winner among them will win the grand prize of a condominium unit in Stratum (hope it is me!). Also, if you use Bank Cards enabled with FlashPay, you will get 3 times the chances!

Get the full details here: https://bitly.com/WinaCondo

Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre
Blk 38A Beo Crescent Singapore 169982

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  1. There is another prawn noodle / pork rib stall operated by a couple opposite this Ha Ha prawn noodle stall. I thought it is cheap and good. Why are they not featured? Thanks .

  2. U miss out all the good food there. The trishaw noodles, fishball noodles, lor mee just to name a few. These are the ones that are most sought after food there

    • I agree with Eric. You have totally missed out on the stalls with better food. Some of these stalls (fishball noodles, lor mee) go back 40 years.


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