Haven’t been to Sakae Sushi in a while, the last time was for a value-for-money sushi buffet. The last I knew, the popular restaurant chain has just released more than 120 new items, incorporating Korean, French, Peranakan and Chinese flavours into Japanese dishes.

Fans of Otah Otah, listen out… There are seven otah creations found in the new Sakae Sushi menu.

Indeed. Spicy, thick, fleshy, nonya styled mackerel otah in dishes such as Otah Bibinba ($15.99), Otah Gunkan ($4.39), Special Otah Maki ($5.99), Long Bean Otah ($4.99), Otah Katsu ($7.99), and Otah Tempura ($4.99).

This does sound bizarre on paper, but always be game to give it a try. The rationale is mackerel is a popular fish used in Japanese restaurants, so why not get more inventive?

The Otah Bibinba is a case of Korean styled hot stone bibimba topped with a huge piece of stripped otah like chicken chop, along with shredded omelette and shitake mushroom with spicy sauce poured over.

Of all the new-fangled dishes, my favourite was the Otah Battera Ebi ($11.99 for 6 pieces). This may look similar to the usual prawn sushi, but has an addition of otah slice sandwiched in the middle between two layers of pressed rice.

The contrast of sweet prawn with spiced otah was refreshing, giving a usual flat tasting sushi an extra oomph. Another option is Otah Battera Nori ($9.99 for 6 pieces).

Exclusively for OCBC Cardmembers, you will get a FREE Sakae signature dish with minimum of $70 spent.

The most ‘worth it’ to order would be the Otah Bento (valued at $16.99) – a hearty Japanese lunchbox set with crispy breaded otah, fried otah with long bean wrap and assorted mushroom tempura.

That’s a huge discount if you think about it.

Sakae Sushi has improved with its enhanced selection, the more notable ones being the Yakimono set of chargrilled skewers; and Fondue ($19.99 for 12, $38.99 for 24, and $57.99 for 36 pieces) containing an assortment of ice cream, fresh fruit and cookies dipped in hot chocolate.

With a spicy otah start, a sweet ending would seal the deal

OCBC Cardmembers’ Exclusive
– Free Sakae Signature Dish with min. of $70 spent
– Choice of dish includes Otah Bibinba ($15.99), Otah Battera Ebi ($11.99), Otah Bento ($16.99) and others from now till 31 Oct 2014. The Sakae Signature creation changes every 2 months.
– Payment must be made with an OCBC Credit or Debit Card. Other terms and conditions apply.
– For more OCBC dining privileges, visit http://www.ocbc.com/personal-banking/cards/card-promotions.html

Sakae Sushi
orchardgateway, 277 Orchard Road #04-09/10
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Other Sakae Sushi Branches: http://sakaesushi.com.sg/locator.php

*This post is brought to you in partnership with OCBC cards.


  1. Daniel please, everybody knows Salae sushi is the worst sushi on the planet. It’s the armpit of sushi restaurants, if you can even call it a restaurant.

    Are you saying you actually liked the food? That the food on the pictures of the menu loosely resembled what they actually serve you?!


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