[Updated Feb 2015] La’Coffee has changed name and concept, now known as Tamper & Co, selling the very usual brunch items such as Egg Benedict ($18), waffles ($8) and gelato ($4).

The move is not unexpected. Actually, I liked their kopi and initial concept, but wish they would not flip-flop on their prices (almost doubling in a single week) and opening hours, and be really ready before they open shop.

We went back and was pleasantly surprised with their home-made Tiramisu ($8.50 per slice) and Cold Brew Classic ($6.50) – said to be prepared for 15 hours, and had a pleasant milkier texture.

[Previous entry] Finally, something different, and something I always imagined, La’coffee (which sounds like la kopi in Hokkien) serves traditional coffee and toast in a ‘Western’ style indie café.

If you have tried their Kaya Loti ($3.50), you would find it suspiciously similar to what Yakun is offering – the thin, brown, crispy bread. Apparently, the current owner is the daughter of a consultant to Yakun.

The difference between the two was less than apparent, though La’coffee’s kaya was sweeter and offers options of otah and egg mayo.

Here’s my gripe: Initially, I thought that the price point and vibes made it a worthwhile place to visit, toast was at $2.00, eggs $150, egg mayo toast $3.00. In a manner of less than two weeks, the prices were ‘tweaked’ to $3.50, $2.50 and $4.50. Pretty significant increase. (I hope it is not because of the rental of an auspicious unit number.)

A Kopi was priced at $3.50 and Cold Kopi $4.00. The presentation was also changed from an aesthetically better looking wooden board to an aluminium plate.

Any new cafes in Singapore would get an initial publicity and weekend crowd due to novelty. The question is: what would make customers venture for a visit to La’coffee over Yakun when the hype dies down?

Maybe it was my luck, or perhaps their luck. The first (anonymous) visit, I needed to wait 20 minutes for eggs, in which I decided not to, because I always liked them together with toast, and not separate.

My next (also anonymous) visit, the Chicken Wings ($10) which many lauded could only arrive 20 minutes after I was done with my meal. Several of the other signature items were not available. Also there was a smell of burning in the air, which the table beside me remarked “must be our wings chao tah”.

La’coffee ambience, sincerity in serving and taste of their coffee were not too bad (though still need some fine-tuning), and looked like the need to get everything quickly together, could be their weakest link.

Tamper & Co
88 Rangoon Rd #01-02, Singapore 218374 (Farrer Park MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 10am – 12am (Fri-Sat)

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