If you are bored with your usual tea types and varieties, and want to try something new, I say give this local premium tea brand Tealy a try.

Even though Tealy is relatively new in the market, I must say their tea blends are quite innovative and refreshing, each with its own distinct character, flavour and aroma that you may not find in the typical tea brands.

Earl Grey Crème, Wonder Berry Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Peach Berry Jasmine? This could be the next generation cup of tea.

I find that their unique flavoured teas go especially well with desserts and cake, or if you crave for something smooth and not too heavy.

These are 3 of my favorite tea blends from Tealy:

Lemon Lemongrass
I am partial since I am a fan of lemongrass (always make me feel like going for a spa treatment). This blend is bright and citrusy-fruity, with a tinge of sweetness. The lemongrass mix is not too strong, and only starts to kick in as an aftertaste. Drop some ice into the glass and it will make a hot afternoon feel exceptionally cooling and relaxing.

Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea
This blend reminds me of my days in school, drinking the tea causes some memory flashback of sneaking a chocolate bar snack during lectures. The tea is reflective of its name appropriately – you almost feel you are downing a piece of mint chocolate, except this is a drink and comes without the guilt. The base is Ceylon, and the chocolate aftertaste is pretty obvious, along with that brilliance of the mint. (I did a blind taste test on a friend, and he was very surprised and found the tea “particularly interesting”.)

Earl Grey Crème
It is not exaggerating to say that the moment I opened the box, the aroma of the tea leaves were so distinct that it is like a breath of fresh air – with scents of both earl grey and vanilla. Fans of the timeless classic earl grey would find the taste familiar yet not so familiar, except this is a touch richer with vanilla. I paired the earl grey crème with a slice of rich chocolate cake, and it was a perfect combination.

The 10 varieties of Tealy Tea (20 bags per box)

Black Tea
Earl Grey Crème ($11.00) – Earl Grey with creamy vanilla finish
Anjou Paradise Ceylon Tea ($11.00) – Fruit infusion with sweet pear, pineapple, and passion fruit flavour with a citrus finish
Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea ($11.00) – Nutty and cocoa infusion with minty undertones
Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle ($11.00) – Multi-berry taste with full-bodied chocolate notes

Green Tea
Jasmine Green Tea ($11.00) – Smooth green tea with a rich Jasmine bouquet

Mint Rooibos ($12.50) – Caffeine-free rooibos and mint flavour together
Peach Berry Jasmine Sutra Rooibos ($12.50) – Fragrant hints of jasmine mixed lightly with Apple, Apricot, peach, Strawberry & Cream
Lemon Lemongrass ($12.50) – Smoothing blend of Rooibos with hints of ginger and lemon

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  1. I love the Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea because of the strong minty and cocoa flavours that is subtle and yet pleasing!

  2. I love Mint flavour! The taste of mint always gives a good sesation to me.
    Since Tealy has unique flavours , including my fav, Mintt, So I would like to try Chocolate Mint and Mint Rooibos :p

  3. I would like to try their Lemon Lemongrass Tea..
    Because lemongrass has unique refreshing taste…
    And I thinks this flavour will be interesting ^^

  4. My favourite tealy tea flavour would be ‘Earl Grey Creme’.

    As I have always been a fan of earl grey & this unique ‘Earl Grey Creme’ will defintely brings a difference in it =)

  5. Peach Berry Jasmine Sutra Rooibos!! it reminds me of geisha blossom from a famous tea brand. Would like to try a cheaper alternative and something similar yet new!

  6. Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle sounds too good to be true. A sin-free yet delicious concoction at its best. I’d love it 😀

  7. Congrats to Amie Hu, Daphne Lee, Averie Lim, Liesa Desisca, Abraham Lapuz, Derek Lee, JingRong and Yee Pei Xin for each winning a box of Tealy tea! You will be contacted via on collection details. Enjoy your tea!


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