How many would pay attention about the building right opposite IKEA Alexandra, next to Anchorpoint housing restaurants Gyu Kaku and Nabehide? This conserved building was built in the 1930s and was owned by Anchor Brewery (thus Anchorpoint!) and called Archipelago Brewery Company (ABC Brickworks!)

While you are having Japanese hotpot at Nabehide, take time to appreciate this part of the building that has stood the test of time.

Nabehide is a new Japanese hotpot restaurant (above Gyu Kaku) which prides themselves of using premium quality ingredients such as Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu along with their homemade Goma and Ponzu dipping to enjoy freshness at its best.

Firstly, I appreciated how spacious it was, with booth seats comfortably allowing two to order trays of meat and still find space. (I did find some other hotpot restaurants cramped up.) Ambience was relaxing and aircon cool enough.

For meat lovers, the recommended set is the Japanese Wagyu and Australian Beef rib eye set ($98), though more affordable alternatives such as Australian Beef and Kurobuta black pork collar set ($63), and Kurobuta Pork set ($58.00) are available.

Nabehide uses charcoal as the heating medium for the hot-pot combined with full cast iron pots imported from Japan. This is a similar setting to bonfire cooking. The beauty of this setting is that the soup base will maintain its temperature evenly throughout making it a “simmer” style of cooking instead of hard boiling it.

This will help to maintain the texture of even the more delicate items such as the tofu and udon. True enough, the tofu stays in pieces and does not disintegrate towards the end of the meal.

The soup bases are winners. I would applaud the Miso Dashi (additional $5) which is fuller, slightly saltier and more intense soup base, being a tasty complement with pork dishes.

If that is a level three, the Tonyu Dashi (made in-house and has to be ordered in advance upon reservation) is a one. The soy milk soup base is light, feels somewhat like very diluted tantalising soy milk, and brings out flavours of mushroom and vegetables.

While you are paying slightly more than the usual hotpot restaurants, the marbling of the fresh meat, umami and sweetness of the soup bases, along with a comfortable setting may make it all worthwhile.

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Nabehide Japanese Hotpot Dining
368 Alexandra Road Level 2 Singapore 159952 (Opp IKEA), Tel: +65 6479 0368
Opening Hours: 5:30pm – 10:30pm Daily
Reserve Online Now

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  1. All i need for my hotpot to hit the jackpot is to have a darn good broth, with the perfect ingredient of sliced Kurobuta black pork collar, which after being shabu-ed will simply melt in the mouth! *Yums*


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