Burger fans alert! Wing fang alert! Burger Vs Wings + Bar (also known as B.W.B) opens at Orchard Central, with a spacious space offering 180-seats, and a fun vibrant ambience.

B.W.B has a fight club theme, designed to look like a boxing ring, with punching bags and gloves adorning the walls. During special ‘half-time’ sessions, placards are supposedly flashed for offers, such as half-price for certain items. (How come I see none of these when I am there?)

The real fight is between the burgers and wings, and the burgers seem to win this round.

The burgers are in the $14 to $20 plus range, with the signatures being the Wagyu Beef Black ($28) and BWB Classic Heavyweight Burger ($19.90) maded with patty stockyard angus beef patty.

I could not resist ordering the Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90), with creamy salty peanut butter spread on top of the angus beef patty, stuffed in the middle of sun-dried tomato brioche.

Actually, I was not expecting much and thus had a pleasant surprise when I sank my mouth in. The patty, while cannot be considered absolutely juicy wasn’t too dry or tough, and was well-grilled and evenly cooked. Weird as it may sound, the peanut butter with bacon works well to a T, and I sense more copycat versions coming up next. (But well, this is already quite popular in America.)

I wanted to try a variety, and so had the Sampler Trio Wings with Cajun Barbecue Wings, Wings Wrap (that is actually minced chicken in deep fried spring roll) and Jambalaya Wings ($18.00). Also spotted strangely out of place was a Vietnamese Spring Roll. Did Nam Nam leave it there?

Seasoning for the wings were great, ‘spring roll wings’ were my favourite, but were not crisp or tasty enough to be impressive.

Are you a big eater? You can get your money’s worth with their mini tapas and dessert buffet once you top up $4.90 for lunch and $7.90 for dinner (after you order a meal). The variety is huge, from salads, soups, pasta, meatballs, sous-vide eggs to cakes such as carrot cake, puddings and jellies. Such value for money!

No, of course I had no space at all after half a mega-huge burger, so the buffet while tempting, is ‘bo hua’ (not worth the money) for me. This will benefit those with big appetites who do not put on weight. You?

While the wings would require some fine-tuning, Burgers Vs Wings would easily fall into my “10 Best Places for Burgers” list with its wide offerings and energetic vibes. Can come back again.

Burgers Vs Wings + Bar
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #11-03/04 Tel: +65 6634 0423
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10pm Daily

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  1. Happened on 17th Sept 2014 Dinner

    Today is my wife's birthday. I thought I would bring her to this place for some nice burger and wings. I am penning this while waiting for the food.

    The 2 of us was shown to a table for 2. As we felt we have a Lot of shopping bag we asked the waiter if we could have the table for 4 instead so as to put our bags but we were rejected. restaurant is hardly 10% full and the waiter told us to put out bags including my business bag and my wife's hang bag on the floor.

    We asked is your restaurant full? That's when the waiter put us to a table of 4. And the next shocking part is that 2 Caucasian couple were shown to the table of 4.

    When our champagne came, the waiter put down the glasses not before spilling one off. There were no apologies and when he came back with the toasters, yes, he put the glass first on the table then went back to get toaster.All along, I thought it should be toaster first then glass on top. He still didn't apologize or wipe the spills.

    Food came and really nothing fantastic when I actually ordered the wagyu beef burger and wings. As usual, no extra plates given for us to put the bones of the finished wings so we have it all on our plates.

    We put the sauces on the burger serving dish and when the waiter wanted to clear the items we told him we still want the sauces for the wing. So he put back the sauces dish and that's when he spilled some of the sauces into the basket of wings.

    He didn't apologise until we asked him that he spilled one of the sauces into our balanced basket of wings and shouldn't you replaced the sauces which is already empty? He apologized that he didn't knew but clearly when he spilled the sauces there was a spilt second the 3 of us were looking at that incident and I am sure he knew.

    NEVER GONNA RETURN TO THIS PLACE AGAIN. can't believe it makes a birthday dinner going so bad.


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