Hong Shi Yi 鸿食艺 is a hidden spot on the 2nd level of Millenia Walk that few people know about. Yet it is such a peculiarly interesting fun. Is it new? Not exactly as it has been around for a year.

This ‘food artistry’ serves quality Chinese cuisine with a modern twist, along with an Gallery 798 art studio at the side where customers can pick up their brushes for art jamming.

To sum up, it is a dim sum, Chinese cuisines, tea pairing, hotpot buffet and art jamming place all rolled into one.

The décor is elegantly contemporary, flanked each side by modern white and red furniture, with bird cages hanging from the ceiling. The clean spacious white look reminds me of some of the more progressive dim sum restaurants in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Melbourne.

Some of the popular dishes you would find are the Chongqing specialty fish slice with preserved vegetable in superior stock ($22.90), stewed pork belly ($16.90), and hand-pulled lamian ($4.90-$9.90).

The fish slice dish was excellent – fresh fish, matched with handmade Sichuan style ‘fen tiao’ drenched in a tasty somewhat fiery stock. For the faint hearted, the soup base is probably less than a tenth in terms of spiciness than what you have in China. Upon taking my first shred of the flat translucent noodles, I thought “Woh, this tastes like what I had in Chengdu, minus the oil minus the spiciness.”

Dan Dan Mian in general remains a mystery to me. I tried so many versions that I can’t tell which is authentic anymore. But Hong Shi Yi’s version in a mild spicy but thick peanut sesame sauce soup ticks almost all the box, except that the noodles could be slightly more QQ.

I kind of wondered why Liu Sha Bao ($4.90) would appear in a menu I initially thought was serving primary Northern Chinese food. The 3 buns arrived… in silver colours!

The power of adding black sesame into the skin dough. Pretty I must say. Though the custard salted egg can be more flow-ey. Dim Sum overall, not their greatest strength.

Hong Shi Yi’s steamboat buffet (Weekdays 2pm onwards) with specialty soup bases is attractive, costing only $23.90++ per adult with free flow of Shanghainese style Xiao Long Bao and steam pork dumplings. Soup bases include Chinese Parsley with Preserved Egg, Tomato, Pork Bone, Vegetarian and Sichuan Spicy.

Yes, free flow Xiao Long Bao. Bi-combination soup available for a minimum of 4 pax. Isn’t this an extremely good deal?

Millenia Walk is now offering a ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ dining promotion at 13 participating restaurants. Round up a party of 4, order for 3 and 1 will dine free. At Hong Shi Yi, you can enjoy one free bowl of la mian for every 3 purchased. Valid for weekday after 6pm, till 29 January.

Hong Shi Yi, Food Artistry 鸿食艺
#02-19/20 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard (Promenade MRT), Tel: +65 63335116 (restaurant), +65 6333 5117 (art gallery)
Opening Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm Daily

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