It felt like a cool breezy afternoon at Boat Quay, and that was when we decided to have the yakiniku outdoors instead of within aircon comfort. Yes, Japanese grill next to the Singapore River is definitely my first. But it felt good, and no sweat.

Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant is a new restaurant at Boat Quay, serving wagyu beef, kurobuta pork, chicken and fresh seafood on its menu for a cook-it-yourself experience. Japanese grills are gaining popularity here, though having top-grade wagyu in your selection would almost mean a 3-figure sum aka 2 purple notes gone by the end of the meal.

The offerings at Arashi are priced quite affordably. The set menu for 2 ($68.00) includes appetizers, miso soup, chicken, pork belly and collar, vegetables, rice and dessert.

The Australian wagyu beef set ($138.00 for 2) and A4 grade Japanese wagyu beef ($268.00 for 2) sets can be considered lower in price in the market, partly because the owner revealed he had a “good deal with the supplier”.

Comparing the two, the Japanese wagyu (we had 100 grams of sirloin, ribeye and tenderloin) was expectedly a lot more delicate, with beautiful marbling, smooth texture, juicy flavours and a savoury taste of the beef which would linger.

If you are interested in ordering ala carte, the A4 Japanese wagyu available include sirloin ($88.80), ribeye ($68.80), tenderloin ($68.80), short rib rurubi ($48.80) and chuck roll rosu ($98.80) – all 150 grams per serving.

The Australia cuts (100 grams of sirloin, ribeye and tongue) were invariably slightly tougher, though may please those who prefer a more intense beefy flavour. Arashi provides a specially made shoyu tare. The slices tasted would have more depth of flavoured after being seasoned with the dip before grilling.

Two more tips: You only need to lightly roast the surface of the meats (keep your focus on the grill, don’t get distracted by your phones), otherwise the thin slices will be tough and overcooked (or turn chao-tar!). Next, don’t accumulate many pieces at one go. Be easy and enjoy cooking them slowly.

Oh, and Arashi uses white Binchotan Japanese charcoal, which creates high heat fast, and is chemical free and almost smoke free.

Complete the meal with a refreshing Arashi Kaisen Salad ($15.80) which comes with generous portions of salmon sashimi and prawns, and their signature Garlic Fried Rice ($2.80) which are fried-to-order, and therefore comes fragrant and fresh.

There are many cosy rooms upstairs at this shophouse space if you come with your office colleagues and friends for you to enjoy some privacy. But if you want a totally relaxing experience (and if the weather and temperature permits), experience Arashi Yakiniku just by the Singapore river at Boat Quay.

Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant
48 Boat Quay, Singapore 049837 (Raffles Place MRT) Tel: +6535 2841
Opening Hours: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-11pm (Mon-Sat, Closed Sun)

* This entry is brought by Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant



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