If you need to Swensen’s recently, you may notice an additional menu and board at the entrance that says “Spanking New Dishes. Four must-tries as recommended by Singapore’s leading bloggers.”

The four bloggers include Ladyironchef, Camemberu, Keropokman and emm… DanielFoodDiary.

These are four really interesting dishes, value-for-money and not seen in the Swensen’s menu before. Call it telepathy or what, Swensen’s knows exactly what I like and want.

So presenting my recommended dish – The Spiced Maple Chicken Waffle!

Seriously, crispy deep fried chicken and waffle together? That is happiness, bliss and excitement in one dish! My advice is: it is simply futile to resist.

Swensen’s Spiced Maple Chicken Waffle ($14.90) contains four pieces of crispy golden brown fried chicken stacked over a thick slab of fragrant waffle. The chicken and waffle pairing is known as the American ‘soul’ food’ and has been popular in specialty restaurants in the States. It is not hard to understand why.

Fried chicken IS my comfort food, and this version is just crisp on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Plus, no bones! It is not just drizzled with the usual maple syrup, but a homemade syrup with includes garlic, lemon juice and chili padi.

Imagine the combination of sweet, salty and slight spiciness in a single bite. It doesn’t take long to grow in you.

Here are the other bloggers’ recommendation (in order of my favourites – the food, not the blogger!)

Crispy Cereal King Prawns from Keropokman ($19.90). This dish feels like the cereal prawns but with a homemade batter made of cornflakes, bread crumbs and seasoning.

Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks from Ladyironchef ($21.90). I always enjoy beef cheeks because they are tender and usually full of flavours. Usually you would get them at a higher-end restaurant, so this is a good opportunity to try it at a friendlier price.

Herb Crusted King Snapper from Camemberu ($15.90). If you are looking for something healthier yet flavourful (because this is baked over with honey mustard), get this king snapper fillet.

Of course I would say if you want to indulge, get the Spiced Maple Chicken Waffle. Quick tip: Get a scoop of Swensen’s ice cream, and you will finally realize that fried chicken, waffles and ice cream is the ultimate combination of happiness.

Those of you who haven’t been to Swensen’s in a while would be surprised to see some local favourites on the dessert menu – The Chendol Delight ($8.90, U.P. $9.90 but $1 off when you order the blogger’s meal) and Salted Gula Melaka Heaven ($8.90 as above).

Oh yes, if you are having my dish, do instagram it and tag me at @DanielFoodDiary or hashtag with #DanielFoodDiary. Let me know that you are enjoying your meal!

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*This entry is brought to you by Swensen’s


  1. The fried chicken was so-so though the chicken was tender but slightly not meaty enough.
    The sauce drizzled on top was also rather ordinary but the real highlight of the dish was the waffle that tasted like a fluffy cake and smelt really good. I think it may not be the best dish on the whole but I would consider going back and ordering the dish again if I really want good waffles. I have to admit this was the best waffles I ever had.


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