[Hong Kong] Throw a stone in Hong Kong and you are likely to hit a Dim Sum place. Most would be of reasonable quality, unless you are really in bad luck. If you are in search for somewhere you can drink as well, Dim Sum Bar at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Harbour City is probably one of the few that combines both a dim sum restaurant and a bar with beer, spirits and wine.

Plus, they have a buffet concept for dinner (HKD$188 per adult) where you can guzzle over 30 dim sum within 2 hours. Already sounds good.

Dim Sum Bar is located at Gateway Arcade of Harbour City, not too difficult a find but do note that the entrance is outdoors. Quite a suitable place to rest your legs after all that shopping. (Which by the way, I do see tourists shopping by trolley bags and luggage here – that’s how much they can buy.)

Most of the time, I would go for the typical selections like Steamed Pork Siu-Mai, Steamed Beef Balls, BBQ Pork Buns and Xiao Long Bao. It is a tad boring, and I figured you should try some of their not-so-typical selections at Dum Sum Bar. The truth is some of the more ordinary items are just going to invite numerous comparisons. So try their more inventive selections which are perhaps unavailable elsewhere.

I mean, their ‘fake’ watermelon jelly that looks a real watermelon already sets the tone for fun in the food.

The names of the dim sum are already drool-worthy. Steamed King’s Siu-Mai with Truffle (HKD$22 each), King’s Dumplings in Lobster Bisque (HKD$58 for 2 pieces), Steam Pork Siu-Mai with Quail’s Egg (HKD$28 for 3 pieces), and Steamed Xian Long Bao with Mitten Crab Meat (HKD$28 each).

Of all I had, the Baked Whole Abalone and Diced Chicken Pastry (HKD$38 each, SGD$6.10) was the one set deep in my memories. I can still remember how cottony the bottom base pastry is and how I can just devour the entire abalone in entire one mouthful – with no regrets.

While violet coloured buns always feel too pretty-odd to me, their Baked Minced Taro Cream Buns (HKD$20 for 2 pieces, SGD$3.20) was a surprise find. For Hong Kong dims sum standards, the skin could be softer and thinner, but the slightly warm and sweet creamy yam filling more than makes up for it. If were not staying in Hong Kong for a few more days, this would have left with me with a box in my luggage.

I must say Thank You to Kit from Café Deco Group and Season from Harbour City for hosting the session as this entry marks my first official food tasting in one of my favourite cities. Hopefully, more to come Hong Kong!

Dim Sum Bar 點一龍
Shop G103, Ground Floor, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tel: +852 2175 3100, Email: dimsumbarhc@cafedecogroup.com
Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Daily)

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