Last week, I blogged about auctioning a Valentine’s Date for charity. I am very happy to say that I have been ‘sold’ for $82.65! That means a total of $495.90 is raised for the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

As one token for a 15 cent bid cost 75cent, a final price of $82.65 would mean (82.65/0.15 x 0.75 + 82.65) = $495.90.

In addition, is going to contribute $1 for every $2 raised! Although it is a small sum of money, we hope this can do something to help SCAS to support their work in providing early intervention, special education and rehabilitation services those suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

This online had another special meaning to me because it was held exactly on my birthday, very coincidentally. Therefore, I spent the last minutes of my birthday looking at people bid for me – which is rather… (I can’t find the right words). Though the auction was supposed to end at 12:00 midnight, it lasted all the way till almost 3am. Maybe the amount would have been more if it was earlier. Haha.

Thank you and for inviting me for this project and friends for all for your support!



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