3 Inch Sin has moved to Millenia Walk.

Never mind the rather naughty shop name. It’s not like what you think, really. The name comes from its signature molten chocolate cakes. About 3 inch in size I suppose. It may be too small for your liking, but large doesn’t always equate to good. The shop doesn’t sell a lot of things, but that’s what it’s supposed to be about. Specialise, and do it well.

The molten cakes come in two sizes – 3 inch and the minis ($5 for 3). When eaten warm with vanilla ice cream, the blend of very ‘jelat’ Valrhona chocolate and oozing fillings can be quite a sensation. Even if you bring them home to refrigerate, the cold ones make a flavoursome yet light tea-time snack.

There are 8 different flavours (bitter orange, coffee, mint etc) to choose from, my favourite being peanut butter as the taste is the most distinct. I last suggested a green-tea batter with fresh cream and azuki red bean fillings on their virtual flavour board. Let’s see if they will go ahead with that.

Another popular choice was their Rrrroyal Chocolate Cake, spelt with 4 ‘R’s to suggest it’s rather Rrrrich. My preference is always with layered chocolate cakes. And this cake has soft sponge sandwiched with mousse and thin feuilletine, covered in velvety dark chocolate ganache to give it a smooth finishing.

Perhaps I have to spend some time writing about the owner. Once an arts manager and a polytechnic facilitator, Celine Yeo decided to take a plunge one fine day to learn French pastry at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit in Thailand. That was not easy because she gave up a stable career to pursue her dreams. And opening up this little place at Cluny Court is a suitable step forward.

Dreams are started small. Though it is opened for only a month or so, it has earned rather positive reviews among food bloggers and the small shop was filled with students on my Friday night there.

To go for the max, end your meal with a delicious and ‘gao gao’ Ice Chocolate Drink which would definitely give you a chocolate high for the night.

3 Inch Sin – Moved to Millenia Walk

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  1. i m curious of bitter orange flavour. Orange which usually taste sweet or sour but can also taste bitter?! The experience maybe quite strange…mmmm….i wonder issit gd?


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