I finally had the time to visit the very happening Ion Orchard during the weekends. But as expected, it was almost impossible to get find a place to dine in as the queues were extremely long.

And while I was still in a very ‘Taiwan’ mood, I spotted a 鹿港小镇 managed by Asian Kitchens which had NO QUEUE. 鹿港 is a little village on the west coast on Taiwan, and a up and coming brand name in China. I hear this has no relation to the ones at China.

It has the try hard to be Asian look, red decorations with sepia tone village pictures as wallpaper. Quite a cosy environment. However, you can still clearly hear announcements if there is a road show or performance at the basement. Bad mistake in terms of design from Ion.

The specialty is the Mee Sua 蚝仔面线 which cost $8.90+++ (!). Diluted, literally lukewarm, and small in portion, it’s a far cry from Ah Zong, and not comparable to the local Shilin, Xiao Ba Wang or Lai Lai.

My friend had a small container of卤肉饭, generally tasty but also not piping hot or filling. Notice the size of the spoon when contrasted with the holder. I noticed the table next to us ordered some Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice, and my first comment was “Wah, the portion is VERY BIG ah”. It was probably smaller than size of a handphone, and one could finish in two mouthfuls.

The saving grace was the youtiao with pineapple, lightly fried with mayonnaise, but I probably could make this at home. I hear that the duck, though deliciously looking, was dry and could hurt those with dentures.

Overall experience was OK. In the end, I was still hungry and had to buy buns from Provence downstairs to fill me up. I know the rental is expensive, but hopefully they can serve decent portions in future, not Happy Meal sizes.

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