Margaret Drive is one of those areas that such a rustic charm that it may hit the history books soon. You may not believe that just not too long ago, it was like a little town with its own cinema, bowling alley, community library, polyclinic, supermarket and emporiums. Vibrant and Alive. There used to be so many good food stalls here, but slowly gave way as the population here starts to age and the place gradually forgotten.

Now, what you see is peeling paint from buildings, a car sales house and the famous church. The thing is, people still come down in droves to eat the famous Sin Kin Chicken Rice here. Ah, the power of food. And my fear is that this hawker will be here today, gone tomorrow.

The Stall
Perhaps only regulars would really know how to find this place, but it shouldn’t be too difficult as it is on the 2nd floor of the Margaret Drive Hawker Centre (or Commonwealth Ave Food Centre). There are two sides of the 2nd floor, one side with a stall just featured on TV, selling Hot and Sour Soup and Pan-Fried Dumplings, and the other side almost just dedicated to the Chicken Rice stall. Other stalls worth mentioning is claypot rice, fruit juice, popiah skin stalls.

There’s usally a line of queue, but you do not have to wait too long for your chicken rice.

During my last visit there, I recognized the helper auntie who also part-times at Zion Road Hawker Centre. I said “Hello” to her, and she quickly urged me to get the half a chicken set as it is more value-for-money for two person rather than getting an individual set. She smiled.

The Chicken Rice
The one thing that draws me is neither the rice, nor chicken but the sauces. In my usual routine, I will pour the dark thick soya sauce over the chicken breast meat, mixed with a little of the smooth mélange of garlic paste, and with that spicy chili sauce on side, it will send thrills of flavours down your spine.

The chicken is juicy and tender enough, evenly cut and placed on top of a layer of cucumber soaked in salty chicken oil. Though it’s not as memorable as the other usual suspects – Tian Tian and Five Star. The rice can be more fragrant and flavourful, and my resolution was to pour this oil over the rice. And I have another complain – where’s the soup? No soup?

Sin Kee Chicken Rice has moved to 159 Mei Chin Road, #02-22 Singapore Tel: +65 6473 9525
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8pm (Closed Mon)

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  1. 是情意结作祟吧我想,当原版正宗《新记》搬走后,有意无意间竟没有尝试后来的新《新记》,总是和蔼招呼人的老板已经走了。当年那个鼎盛辉煌的《新记》是一个时代的典范,是成长记忆中代表美味的经典。对我而言,无法取代。

  2. Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice shifted to:

    Block 38 #01-02
    Commonwealth Avenue
    Singapore 149738
    *Contact number remain the same:)

    2day went & saw is closed & realised shifted, luckily I got saved the number BanBan posted here, thanks BanBan! I tried the white chicken rice, not bad=))

  3. Went to eat today.. I must say the standard drop alot.. The rice taste totally different. Chicken very different from last time .. Damn disappointed. sigh…


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