While Hong Kong is generally known for its variety of food, we should not ignore another key attraction – the Drinks. Afternoon tea and Tea with Milk are two of the legacies left by the colonial rule in Hong Kong.

The Chinese is used to drinking clear and unsweetened tea. However, the sweet Hong Kong style milk tea is a unique blend of several tea leaves with evaporated milk. Most would call it the pantyhose tea, but worry not as it’s definitely filtered from sackcloth.

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Here are some of the Must-Try drinks.

Mango Drinks 芒果冰
Nobody makes the Mango Drinks quite like Hui Lau Shan 许留山 does. It’s Mango-Mania here! They have a huge range of mango puddings, mango sago, mango jellies, mango glutinous balls and drinks.

The drinks come in layers of coconut, hashima jelly aloe, aloe vera, red bean, ice cream or fruit puree depending on your selection. Colourful, delectable and will send thrills as you enjoy a drink with fresh fruit bits of mango and strawberry. Although it is rather pricey for HKD20 for a cup, one is never enough.

As it started off as a herbal-tea house, you would also find varieties of liang teh, bird’s nest and gui ling gao.

Yuan Yang 鸳鸯
When you would never imagine some drinks to be mixed, the Hong Kong people would do it. Yuang Yang is a popular beverage made from a mixture of Hong Kong style milk tea and coffee. Though I hear some people who practice Chinese medication and believe in perfect blends of ying and yang would not encourage drinking it, especially the cold version.

Although the combination is said to be fifty-fifty of each, most cha cha tengs cannot get the proportion right. You can try some at Kee Hing Café (Santin) or King Bakery (Central).

Another popular mixed drink is Hot Coke with Ginger and Lemon, often said to be a cold remedy but has seen become a refreshing beverage.

Iced Red Bean 红豆冰
No Kong Kong eating experience would be complete without desserts, and one of the most widely known is Iced Red Bean.

The local concoction is based on the Hot Red Bean Sweet Soup, but it was modified when cafes add shaved ice into it.

With azuka red beans, rock sugar syrup, evaporated milk and ice, it makes a great quencher during the humid summer. Try some at 98ºc found along Lock Road Kowloon.


  1. Believe it or not, other than Xu Liu Shan, I haven’t drank the other drinks recommended. I have sworn off the HK Milk Tea, after 2-3 tries of the drink, didn’t like the taste of the milk tea there.

  2. I simply love XLS drinks! They are perfect in the morning, noon, tea time and just about anytime! Thanks for this HK series… Makes me miss the place. Must visit again soon!


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