When not blogging about food, Daniel Ang is a corporate trainer and lecturer teaching Mass Communications and Social Media at various institutions.

He had presented in Radio1003 for more than 10 years, known for a food programme of the same name “Daniel’s Food Diary”.

Other than radio work, he has hosted a travelogue “Youth Quest” with Channel U which won the Asian Television Awards; and The Supper Places, a food segment under The 5 Show on MediaCorp’s Channel 5.

Currently, he also seats on various food related judging panels, including the prestigious Singapore Blog Award and Epicurean Star Award.

He thanks the good Lord for all the wondrous things he has done in his life.

The following interview is done by his students, and he thought he should share his answers here.

Why do you choose to blog about food? Why not other topics?
Food is a more timeless topic and seems to resonate more closely with what many Singaporeans are fond of. Food brings people together.

What/who inspired you to become a food blogger?
Moses Lim. If you have spoken to him, you know that he is very passionate and detailed about what he loves – food. His dedication towards his craft and people in what inspires me. Food is never really just about food, it is about the people.

What other interest do you have other than blogging about food?
Exercising, if I can afford the time.

What is your favorite food review you have done & why?
There are no particular favourites – but I generally prefer those where I got to speak with the owners of the food establishments. I learnt a lot from owners and chefs of Crystal Jade, Da Paolo, Astons, MOF, Andre etc – They are all humble people who worked really hard for their dreams.

Is there any food blog that inspires you?
Some of those I like reading include Camemberu, MissTamChiak, and Cuisine Paradise who are usually more personal. I enjoy blogs which are more real where you can sense the personality of the writers.

What are the motivations that drive you in doing a food blog?
Definitely not money. Few can earn a decent living out of blogging (yet). I hope this can lead me to something greater, such as publishing a book or opening a café.

Have you ever received any negative feedbacks or setbacks?
Yes, readers do complain – such as recommending a ‘wrong’ place. You just have to keep in mind that 1) Taste is subjective 2) They are not personal.

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