Ah, Chinatown in Singapore.

The area is filled with many Chinese restaurants (eg Sichuan food) and local dessert shops.

There are already shops like Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, Home Best Dessert, Gong He Guan, Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert , Hup Ka Foon 合家歡, Tang Ren Jie Desserts and more.

I realised that Darkness Dessert 甜品屋 has also opened along Temple Street.

If you find the name familiar, that is because there is another outlet at 100 Tanjong Pagar.

Darkness Dessert's cozy interior at Temple Street, blending traditional and modern decor

Darkness Dessert offers an atmospheric spot for late-night dessert lovers. It took over Only Creamery, so traces of the previous shop’s décor can still be found here.

Darkness Dessert ambient lighting enhancing the late-night dessert experience in Chinatown

The dessert shop specialises in traditional Chinese desserts with a modern twist and is open till 11pm, making it a popular spot for post-dinner cravings.

Wide array of hot and cold traditional Chinese desserts at Darkness Dessert

The menu at Darkness Dessert includes a variety of both hot and cold desserts.

Traditional desserts with a twist: Sesame paste, almond paste, and red bean soup served at Darkness Dessert

Classics like sesame paste, almond paste, and red bean soup are offered alongside more refreshing options such as mango pomelo sago and grass jelly.

Customisable dessert options with diverse toppings at Darkness Dessert, Chinatown

An interesting aspect of their menu is the diverse range of toppings available, including glutinous rice balls, fresh fruits, and ice cream, allowing customers to customise their desserts.

Sharing delight: Coconut Ice dessert at Darkness Dessert, perfect for group indulgence

The head-turner here is certainly the Coconut Ice ($15.80), good for a few friends to share the calories and sugar with.

This dessert had a generous serving of blended coconut ice cream on top of shaved ice. My preferred component was the ice cream, because the ice was slightly coarser than ideal.

On the side, mango puree and mango popping pearls add some enjoyable burst of sweetness, enhancing the creamy ice cream.

I distinctly tasted durian flavour (reminiscent of durian ice cream somewhere in the mix), which was unexpected as the server confirmed its absence.

Refreshing Green Bean Soup with coconut ice cream at Darkness Dessert

For those preferring a cooler treat, the menu includes items such as Green Bean Soup ($4.50 onwards), which can be enjoyed with coconut ice cream or gingko nuts.

I thought that the coconut ice cream complimented the dessert well, though I found it overall rather watery and could do with more substance (ie more beans).

Mango Pomelo Sago and other best-selling traditional pastes at Darkness Dessert

Other best sellers include Mango Pomelo Sago ($5.80), Red Bean Paste ($4.50) and Black Sesame Paste ($4.50).

Most of the pastes are available both plain and with innovative pairings such as coconut ice cream, mango ice cream, and even durian.

Innovative dessert pairings and thick French Toast served at Darkness Dessert in Singapore

Other than the usual traditional desserts, you would find a variety of thick French Toast ($10.80) options, each served with different butters like Kaya and peanut, and can be enhanced with gelato for a sweet twist.

Or finger food or Crispy Spring Rolls, Tempura Fish Fingers and Chicken Nuggets should you need more bites.

Darkness Dessert at Temple Street opens till late for supper goers

Darkness Dessert 甜品屋
36 Temple Street, Singapore 058581
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Darkness Dessert 甜品屋
100 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088521
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

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