Bakery 1946, also known as Suhyeongdang 수형당 (秀亨堂), is no stranger to many people in Singapore.

Brought into Singapore by the folks behind Market Blue and B For Bagel at Tanglin Mall, Bakery 1946 is known for their viral K-Apple Bread, shaped and flavoured like apples.

Bakery 1946 K-Apple Bread, a viral sensation in Singapore

After several (many, many) pop-ups in various parts of Singapore, Bakery 1946 has opened their first permanent store at Suntec City Tower 3 & 4, now occupying the space formerly held by Eggslut.

First permanent location of Bakery 1946 at Suntec City, Singapore

The 30-seater space (yes, they have dine-in seats rather than just a takeaway shop) has a Korean influence, with traditional Korean wall paintings, vintage cabinets, and display sets.

Interior of Bakery 1946 at Suntec City featuring Korean traditional decor

The signature items at Bakery 1946 remain, with new brunch items to be introduced later, Coffee ($5 – $7.90), Smoothies ($7.30 – $7.90) and K-Beverages ($5.90 – $8.30).

Assorted bakes at Bakery 1946

Known for their fruit and vegetable buns, which taste as they appear, their signature items include the K-Apple Bread ($6.20 each or $38 for a box of 6).

There are also the Whole Chestnut Bread ($3.90), Garlic Manju ($4), Sweet Potato Bread ($5.20), Sweet Pumpkin ($3.90), Chewy Potato ($3.90), Corn Bread ($3.90) and Carrot ($3.90).

Showcase of Bakery 1946 signature buns including K-Apple and Whole Chestnut Bread

I like the K-Apple Bread ($6.20 each or $38 for a box of 6), Chestnut Manju ($4.50) and Garlic Manju ($4) among the items, with distinctive taste and pillowy soft bun texture.

Detailed view of Bakery 1946's K-Apple Bread with apple fillings and cream cheese

The prettiest among the lot will be the K-Apple Bread, which uses traditional Daegu red yeast dough for the colour, filled with chunks of apple fillings and cream cheese stuffing.

There is a mix of textures from the chewy dough to the chunky apple fillings and smooth cream cheese, making it as interesting as it looks.

Textural variety in Bakery 1946’s K-Apple Bread showcasing apple chunks and cream cheese

What I enjoyed most is that the fillings are not fully blended, with small bits of the actual ingredients embedded within for the extra crunch.

Crunchy textures inside Bakery 1946’s Whole Chestnut Bread and Garlic Manju

And in this case, the Whole Chestnut Bread ($3.90) and Garlic Manju ($4) come with chestnut and red beans in the former, garlic and white beans in the latter.

Bakery 1946’s diverse bread offerings including Sweet Red Bean and Black Sesame Cream Bread

Apart from their signatures, look out for the Original Daegu Sweet Red Bean Bun ($4), pillowy soft Signature 1946 Red Bean Bun ($5.10), Black Sesame Cream Bread (Red Bean $5.30, Cream Cheese $6), Cream Cheese Red Bean Bread ($5.30) and Mugwort Korean Mochi Bread ($3.80) stuffed with generous amount of fillings.

Roasted black sesame seeds on Bakery 1946's Cream Cheese Bread

The Black Sesame Cream Cheese Bread ($6) though slightly sweetened, has that earthy and nutty roasted black sesame seeds that give a pleasant aroma and taste.

Assortment of Korean-influenced beverages at Bakery 1946, featuring Ginsengccinno

Something new in addition to their previous pop-ups are the beverages with Korean influence available.

These include Ginsengccinno (Hot $7.90, Iced $8.90), Honey Ginseng Latte (Hot $7.90, Iced $8.90), Mugwort Latte (Hot $7.30, Iced $8.30), Sikhye Slushi aka sweet fermented rice punch ($5.90), Sujunggwa Slushi aka cinnamon punch ($5.90) and Yuja Ade ($7.30).

Bakery 1946 Ginsengccinno, a unique blend of ginseng and espresso

The Ginsengccinno (Hot $7.90, Iced $8.90) is definitely interesting, with herbaceous and earthy notes enhanced by the bitterness of the espresso shot.

I won’t recommend drinking the Ginsengccinno or Honey Ginseng Latte at night, as both ginseng and caffeine from the espresso shot will make one more alert and awake.

Delicious and diverse range of Bakery 1946’s Korean bakery items

Though the prices of the bread and buns are not cheap, Bakery 1946 offers a taste of Korea without the need to fly to Korea personally.

Bakery 1946 Suntec City outlet, a new destination for authentic Korean baked goods in Singapore

Bakery 1946
Suntec City Tower 3 #01-604/605, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW].


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