[SHANGHAI] Guess who’s the lucky boy here who got his hands on the viral bow-shaped croissant?

We have seen many croissants evolving in shapes over the past year.

Viral bow-shaped croissant at Lucky Boy, Shanghai

From the classic French croissant to TikTok-viral Giant Croissant, Onigiri Croissant (at NUDAKE Seoul), Croissant Balls (at Arte by Padaria Hong Kong), Circular Croissant, Cube Croissant (at Cafe Margaret), Flat Croissant, or even Croissant Waffle aka Croffle.

Assorted innovative croissant shapes at Lucky Boy

Tucked in this quaint, cosy cafe in Shanghai, Lucky Boy serves a repertoire of pastries.

Interior of Lucky Boy cafe in Shanghai

From Cinnamon Roll (RMB 20, SGD 3.80) to Squid Sauce Butter Roll (RMB 11, SGD 2), Croissant (RMB 18-20, SGD 3.40-3.80) and Toast (RMB 25, SGD 4.70), each comes in interesting shapes and flavours.

Diverse pastry selection at Lucky Boy, Shanghai

The cosy cafe has a homely setting, with tables lined with tablecloths, kitchen shelves, appliances, and glassware—perfect for an OOTD.

Cosy and homely cafe setting at Lucky Boy

My favourite has to be their signature Bow Croissant (RMB 18, SGD 3.40) that went viral on Chinese social media platforms, a golden-brown, flaky croissant that is pretty big and light.

Signature viral Bow Croissant at Lucky Boy, Shanghai

Slice through the croissant and you will find the ideal honeycomb pockets, that are soft and airy on the inside.

The crispy exterior golden crust has a nice textural contrast to the buttery airy interior, which is good on its own.

Detailed view of the flaky texture of Lucky Boy's Bow Croissant

Another cute item on their menu is the bite-sized Bow Pretzel (RMB 5, SGD 1), which has a firmer and chewy texture.

Bite-sized Bow Pretzel at Lucky Boy, Shanghai

A selection of croissants such as Almond Croissant (RMB 23, SGD 4.30) and Matcha Red Bean Croissant (RMB 20, SGD 3.80) are available.

Almond and Matcha Red Bean Croissants on display at Lucky Boy

The Matcha Red Bean Croissant (RMB 20, SGD 3.80) has the same airy texture as the Bow Croissant, with a layer of mochi and red bean paste in the former.

Matcha Red Bean Croissant with mochi layer at Lucky Boy

The layer of mochi adds a nice chewy texture, while the red bean paste balances the earthiness and bitterness of the matcha croissant, making it an ideal sweet afternoon treat.

Fresh batch of Bow Croissants at Lucky Boy, Shanghai

Do head down early as the Bow Croissants are limited in quantity, and you might be the lucky one to get your hands on one of them.

Customers enjoying Bow Croissants at Lucky Boy, Shanghai

Lucky Boy
798-812, Song Yuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Opening Hours: 8am – 8:30pm (Mon-Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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