[SHANGHAI] When in Shanghai, consider visiting Columbia Circle 上生·新所. It is the newest area to open in 2024, housing several hipster retail outlets and F&B brands.

This area has transformed over the years while preserving its colonial monuments and former industrial buildings.

Once the Columbia Country Club in the 20th century, Columbia Circle now has five new buildings, shaped to be the next cultural space in Shanghai.

Blue Bottle Coffee Columbia Circle Exterior View

Blue Bottle Coffee first entered mainland China in 2022, and their seventh outlet has opened right at Columbia Circle.

The closest subway stations are Jiangsu Road Station on Line 2 and Line 11, and Zhongshan Park Station on Line 2, Line 3, and Line 4.

Both stations are within a reasonable walking distance or a short taxi ride from Columbia Circle.

Blue Bottle Coffee Interior at Columbia Circle

The Oakland, California-headquartered brand initially started as a coffee stand in the farmers’ market back in 2002, and now has more than a hundred outlets worldwide.

Blue Bottle Coffee is known for their clean and sleek Scandinavian design and interiors, specialising in single-origin coffee.

Cosy Interior of Blue Bottle Coffee at Columbia Circle

Here at their outlet in Columbia Circle, Shanghai, a large bricked island table is placed in the middle of the space, right underneath the white double-pitched roof, which creates a cosy feel.

Communal Dining Area in Blue Bottle Coffee

Apart from providing a communal space for diners, it also serves as a retail corner, displaying their coffee beans and merchandise.

Retail Corner at Blue Bottle Coffee, Columbia Circle

Industrial grey-washed walls with grey matte table tops blend well with the minimalist outlook.

Minimalist Cafe Decor at Blue Bottle Coffee

Espresso-based drinks start from RMB 28 (SGD 5.30) for a cup of Espresso, with other options such as Black (RMB 32, SGD 6), White (RMB 32-42, SGD 7.90), Mocha (RMB 46, SGD 8.60) and Affogato (RMB 48, SGD 9).

Although not the cheapest coffee you can find in Shanghai, espresso beverages here are generally priced higher than in many Asian countries.

Selection of Espresso Drinks at Blue Bottle Coffee

Needless to say, their coffee is consistent across all their outlets.

Hayes Valley Espresso at Blue Bottle Coffee

Using Hayes Valley Espresso for their espresso-based drinks, this coffee blend is specially roasted for their very first Blue Bottle Coffee brick-and-mortar outlet, named after the San Francisco neighbourhood it is in.

The darkest roast on their menu, the coffee profile leans towards a chocolatey, orange zest, and brown sugar with minimal brightness.

Rich and Dark Espresso at Blue Bottle Coffee

Apart from beverages, the Blue Bottle Coffee outlet also offers light bites and desserts on their menu.

Savoury and Sweet Treats at Blue Bottle Coffee

Savoury options include Chicken and Egg Muffin (RMB 38, SGD 7.10), Bacon Egg Croissant (RMB 48, SGD 9), Chicken Sandwich (RMB 48, SGD 9), while desserts feature Lemon Pound Cake (RMB 28, SGD 5.30) and Matcha Yuzu Mousse Cake (RMB 38, SGD 7.10).

Matcha Yuzu Mousse Cake at Blue Bottle Coffee

Although the Matcha Yuzu Mousse Cake (RMB 38, SGD 7.10) is quite small in portion (about 5 cm on each edge), it is delightfully tasty with a good balance of yuzu citrus and earthy matcha notes.

Blue Bottle Coffee Shopfront at Columbia Circle

Blue Bottle Columbia Circle
Columbia Circle, at Building 2, 1st Floor, 1262 Yan’an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu
上海市长宁区延安西路 1262 号上生新所 2 号楼 1 层
Opening Hours: 8am – 8:30pm (Mon-Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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