This new dessert shop at Fortune Centre offers a full refund if “you don’t like what you taste on your first bite”.

The poster proclaims that’s how confident they are in the quality of their dessert.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 01

Duke Dessert is a relatively new local dessert spot that serves a range of traditional Chinese desserts with a modern twist.

It faces stiff competition from the perpetually long-queue Yat Ka Yan Dessert just two shops away.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 02

The setting is simple and functional, focusing more on the quality of desserts rather than elaborate décor. Accordingly, they don’t use premixes and powders.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 03

Their menu features an array of Tang Shui and Taiwanese-style beancurd. Recommended items include Almond Peach Gum Collagen, Premium Durian Chendol, Mango Sago Pomelo with Ice Cream, Grass Jelly Pudding Aloe Vera, and Peach Gum Collagen.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 04

I must say the recent rebranding of their bowls gave them more character (that’s why you see bowls of varying designs in the photos here).

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 05

Starting with the Chendol ($3.60), I enjoyed the combination of green jelly noodles, generous portion of red beans, and thick Gula Melaka.

What impressed me most was the smooth, finely shaved ice, more finely shaven than the usual shops.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 06

The Beancurd Red Bean with Tapioca Balls dessert ($6.50) presents a silky texture.

The soft beancurd forms a delicate base, complemented by the sweetness of the red beans and the chewy surprise of tapioca balls.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 07

I also had the recommended Green Bean Soup with Tapioca Balls ($4.50) which to me was a tad on the sweeter side, and could be thicker.

The addition of tapioca balls did include some playful chewiness though.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 08

The interior and menu may lack a thematic flair, so if they have time, I think they can work on those components.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 shows promising potential; with some refinement, it could prove to be a competition for other dessert spots in the Bugis area.

Duke Dessert 糖伯府 - Local Dessert Shop 09

Duke Dessert 糖伯府
Fortune Centre #02-06, 190 Middle Road, Singapore 188979
Opening Hours: 12pm – 4pm, 5pm – 11pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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