[SEOUL] If you are needing a respite from your daily hustle, then Milestone Coffee Roasters 마일스톤 커피 로스터스 is one java oasis you can escape to.

Tucked in the quieter backstreets of Sinsadong, it is a cosy venue to enjoy a cup of artisanal coffee near Garosu-gil.

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Plan your escape and take Seoul Metro Line 3, then exit from Sinsa Station.

From there, it should be a reasonable walk. You can also take Line 9 and get off via Sinnonhyeon Station (Exit 6).

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The concept started in 2014 in an alley between Apgujeong and Garosu-gil of Sinsadong.

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Compared to others dime-a dozen cafes, I think this café is a step ahead for its meticulous attention to coffee quality.

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Milestone Coffee is popular for its Vienna Coffee (6,500 Won). Depending on the weather or your mood, you can order this either hot or iced.

Fans rave over its creamy texture and rich flavour.

Milestone Coffee 마일스톤 SEOUL 05

I would recommend first taking some of that cream (and not mixing) for the lusciously smooth texture.

Then slowly drink more for the robust, deep flavours of the coffee blend.

Milestone Coffee 마일스톤 SEOUL 06

Other scene stealers are signature drinks Flat White (5,500 Won) and Latte (5,500 Won), crafted by their skilled baristas.

If you enjoy flavoured lattes, try their Almond Latte (6,000 Won) and Vanilla Latte (6,000 Won).

Milestone Coffee 마일스톤 SEOUL 07

Their pastry case showcases a small but mighty selection of Butterpie Cookies (4,800 Won)), Scones (4,500 Won, add 700 Won for Raspberry Jam), and Crumble & Ice Cream (7,500 Won).

The Tiramisu (7,500 Won) was recommended on Naver, but was unfortunately unavailable when I visited.

Milestone Coffee 마일스톤 SEOUL 08

The place opens at 10am, so it is best to plan your visit if you want to secure a good spot.

Especially if you prefer to sit inside on a sunny day – thanks to its inviting soft-lit interiors and dark wood furniture.

During peak hours, the outdoor seating can be full.

Milestone Coffee 마일스톤 SEOUL 09

I say with its quality coffee and pairings, plus charm and location, Milestone Coffee is worth the visit and the wait. For coffee shop troopers, this sure adds a milestone to your list.

Milestone Coffee 마일스톤 SEOUL 10

Milestone Coffee Roasters 마일스톤 커피 로스터스
49 Nonhyeon-ro 159-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 강남구 논현로159길 49
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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