While exploring Old Airport Road Food Centre, I came across Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu.

Interesting, I thought.

It is not often you find an authentic-looking Korean food stall in a hawker centre. Usually such stalls serve a spread of dishes, sometimes with Japanese bento.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 01

There is also a Wooga Jjajang sister-stall right opposite.

It turns out the team behind Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu also manages Dong Fang Hong Restaurant (now defunct).

Their journey started in 1998 when their founder Chef Marcus opened his first Jjajangmyeon stall at Lau Pa Sat, kickstarting his venture into Korean cuisine in Singapore.

This led to the opening of Dong Fang Hong Korean Chinese Restaurant in Telok Ayer in 2005, with committed to introducing authentic flavours of Korea to a wider audience.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 02

You would find a range of “Bimbowl”, Bulgogi Bowl, Kalguksu, and Mandu (Dumplings).

Prices are around $6 for the smaller bowl, $8 for the larger.

The Bimbowl is their take of Bibimbap, priced at an affordable $6 for options like the Pork or Chicken Bulgogi Bibimbowl. There are also the more regular Bulgogi Bowls.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 03

The portion of the Chicken Bulgogi Bowl was quite generous.

The chicken marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil, was grilled till there was a smoky depth to its juicy tenderness.

This is served over a bed of steamed rice, accompanied by a variety of kimchi and mashed sweetish-tasting potato. However, I did think the taste was localised to suit Singaporeans’ taste buds.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 04

For those who prefer noodles, there are the Bulgogi Kalguksu ($8), Lala Kalguksu ($8), Kimchi Dumpling Kalguksu ($9), to Myeongdong Kalguksu ($9).

Kalguksu means ‘knife-cut noodles’.

The Myeongdong Kalguksu bowl combines homemade dumplings and minced pork in light yet flavourful broth.

While this wasn’t quite reached the usual restaurant finesse yet, it was about 80% there.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 05

The slightly thick noodles, soft and chewy and soaking up the flavours of the delicate broth, offered a delightful texture contrast to the soft dumplings.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 06

While things are more expensive here compared to the average hawker stall, portion sizes at Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu are generous, making the meals feel worth the cost.

The service is straightforward and efficient, suitable for the fast-paced environment of a food centre. This spot might not offer an intimate dining experience, but it is ideal for a quick, fulfilling Korean meal.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu - Taste Of 'Legit' Korean 07

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu
Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-72, 51 Old Airport Road, Singapore 39005
Opening Hours: 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 8:30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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