Far East Plaza is one of my favourite places to hunt for food in town, with many ‘hidden’ eateries.

Perhaps you have not heard of this secret space on the fifth floor.

At first glance, it looks just like a Japanese bookstore, filled with bright manga comics and anime books.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 01

However, a hidden door leads you into Singapore’s first secret bar dedicated to whisky and bespoke cocktail.

This is inspired by the bookstores of Jimbocho, Japan – a place famous for its wide selection of books.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 02

Ume Maru is a unique spot that cleverly combines Japanese culture with a surprising twist, brought by the team behind Ume San 100 at Fortune Centre.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 03

Once inside, the atmosphere changes completely.

The space celebrates both the old and the new, with continuous anime clips playing on screens and shelves packed with books. You can pick up a comic to read while you sip your drink, adding to the relaxed vibe of the place.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 04

The food menu, which includes bar snacks and full meals, offers flavours that pair well with the drinks and lean towards Japanese-inspired tastes with a modern touch.

Here’s what you can sip and savour at Ume Mar – the novelty bar with a Japanese twist:

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 05

Truffle Hotplate Maki ($20)
This Truffle Maki is a showstopper, served sizzling on a hot plate – which also keeps it warm throughout the meal.

You will find baked unagi and crunchy kyuri (cucumber) inside, along with bits of tempura for texture, topped with salmon, tartar sauce, kaiware (daikon radish sprouts), and a sprinkle of tobiko (flying fish roe).

A special truffle cheese sauce is poured over right at your table. Other than the dramatic effect, it creates this light crisp at the base of the maki.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 06

Buta Don ($18)
This donburi offers a hearty portion of tender pork slices paired with onsen egg.

Mix the creamy yolk, and you would find the bowl comforting and filling.

The pork slices were marinated and grilled until it reached a tender consistency, offering a savoury and slightly sweet flavour.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 07

Yuzu Soba ($24)
The soba noodles were tossed in a light yet tangy yuzu sauce, which added a bright citrusy note to the dish. A refreshing twist on traditional Japanese noodles.

Accompanying the noodles are three pan-seared hotate (scallops), which were cooked just right to be slightly crisp on the outside and juicy.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 08

Kitsun Udon ($22)
Inspired by the Kitsune Udon which translates to “fox udon”, it is a great choice if you are looking for a warm, flavourful meal.

You will find inari age (seasoned fried tofu) floating in a hot dashi broth. So, where are the noodles?

Break the soft tofu skin apart and you would find delicate Inaniwa-style udon noodles within.

The soup is made with a clear dashi broth that is light but full of umami flavour, seasoned with minced pork and spring onions for extra taste.

You also get crispy tempura bits on the side, if you want to add some crunch to the dish.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 09

Wagyu Kushi ($24)
Skewered pieces of Wagyu beef grilled until it is very tender, practically melting in your mouth.

Each piece is cut into small, easy-to-eat sizes so you can enjoy the rich, buttery taste of the Wagyu.

This dish keeps things simple to let the quality of the beef stand out, without a lot of extra seasoning.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 10

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 11

The drink menu at Ume Maru is impressive, featuring Craft Whiskies from around the world, bespoke cocktails, and unique umeshu.

The Ume Maru cocktail menu is as much about storytelling as it is about mixology.

Each cocktail not only offers a distinct taste but also carries a narrative inspired by various anime, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the drinking experience.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 12

Songbird ($22)
The Songbird is a vibrant red cocktail, its colour a nod to the dress worn by Suzu in the anime ‘Belle’ as well as the famous Japanese Red Songbird.

This drink is designed to be light and refreshing. It combines strawberry umeshu, vodka, sakura, lavender, and citrus, creating a fruity and slightly floral flavour.

The citrus adds a fresh zest that cuts through the sweetness, making it easy to drink and pleasantly refreshing.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 13

Light of Nara ($22)
Inspired by the Shishigami Forest Spirit from ‘Princess Mononoke’, this cocktail is elegant and full of fruity flavours.

It is mixed with muscat umeshu, nashi pear umeshu, rose vermouth, and a hint of persimmon vinegar.

The muscat brings a gentle sweetness, the nashi pear offers a subtle crispness, and the rose vermouth adds a floral touch that ties everything together beautifully.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 14

Tiffany Sky ($22)
The Tiffany Sky draws inspiration from the serene blue skies in ‘Land of the Lustrous’, as well as the iconic blue of Tiffany & Co.

This cocktail blends sake, vodka, cucumber, mint, and orange liqueur.

The result is a refreshing and cooling drink, where the cucumber and mint offer a fresh, clean taste, complemented by the light sweetness and citrusy notes from the orange liqueur.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 15

For those interested in whisky, Ume Maru offers a Craft Whisky Tasting Set.

This set includes three 30ml tasters of craft whiskies, which can be selected from various sets like the Japanese Whisky Set, Scotch Whisky Set, New World Whisky Set, or the Premium Craft Whisky Set.

Each set showcases different styles and origins, allowing whisky lovers to explore a range of flavours and profiles.

Also check out the exclusive “Royal Brewhouse” – a New World Whisky aged in Indonesia with Scottish ingredients, available only in Singapore.

This taster set features the double cask entry level, three-cask Special Edition, and the exquisite four-cask Blue Royale.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 16

Whether you are there to try some fine cocktails, umeshu or just enjoy the manga-themed setting, Ume Maru offers a different experience.

It is a fun place for an evening out.

Ume Maru - Secret Bar Hidden Behind 17

Ume Maru
Far East Plaza #05-26/26A, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2pm, 5pm – 11pm (Mon – Sat),
12pm – 2pm, 5pm – 10pm (Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Ume Maru.


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