[SEOUL] If you love all things CHEESE, and I mean ALL, then bookmark this café at Seoul’s Ikseondong 익선동.

There is this place called Cheese Industry 치즈공업사 that is a treasure trove for anyone who digs cheese.

It is not just a café; it’s like a tribute to cheese, using it in every way possible, from drinks to the desserts.

To get to Ikseondong 익선동, you can take the subway via lines 1, 3, or 5 and get off at Jongno 3-ga Subway Station (Exit 4).

When you walk in Cheese Industry, the vibe is a cool mix of modern and country.

They have got this design that makes you feel like you are both in a trendy spot and a bit on a farm at the same time.

The place is decked out with cute wooden cows which went ”moo moo”, a live bakery behind, hay on the floor, and decorations that make you feel like you are in a stylish barn.

There are pastries on one side, cakes on the other. Not the ordinary cheesecakes.

Pastries include a Maple Burrata (8,900 Won), Country Cheese Scone (4,500 Won), Berry Nuts Brie (7.500), to Tomato Basil Bocconcini Pastry (7,500 Won).

As for the cakes, you get a selection from Emmental Cheese (13,000 Won), Brie Cheese (12,000 Won), to Gouda Cheese Cake (11,000 Won).

You would find that the Cheesecake is designed like an actual mini wheel of Emmental (13,000 Won).

It had a complexity in taste, with the bold, nutty Emmental making a statement, while the Gorgonzola added a surprising depth.

It was rich, it was creamy, and cheesy but didn’t go overly rich.

The Brie Cheese Cake is a Japanese-style a rare cheesecake with the soft, silky texture you would find in a soft Brie cheese.

As for the Gouda Cheese Cake (11,000 Won), this soufflé-style cheesecake brought the deep aroma of Gouda cheese into a dessert, yet was light enough and decadent.

Its melt-in-the-mouth texture with a balance of airy soufflé and rich cheese flavour, made it hard to stop at just one bite.

There are the drinks too.

The Cream Cheese Foam Coffee (6,300 Won) was topped with a layer of sweetened cream cheese foam, which beautifully contrasts with the coffee underneath.

Almost like getting your coffee and cheesecake in every sip.

But the experience is not all smooth sailing.

The layout, such as the placement of the cashier counter, lead to minor inconveniences during busy times (the server making the drinks also had to take orders, which was at a different side all together).

It got a bit hectic when it was busy, and there have been a few mix-ups with orders.

Cheese Industry is a spot in Ikseondong for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of cheese, whether you are all about that cheese life or just curious.

Cheese Industry 치즈공업사
33-7 Supyo-ro 28-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 종로구 수표로28길 33-7
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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