For the past 15 years, this Italian gem has quietly charmed many foodies, nestled in a spot that is slightly off the beaten path.

Yet, those in search of a satisfying meal have consistently made their way here.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar is found along the laidback Greenwood Avenue at Bukit Timah.

The restaurant is easily accessible from Tan Kah Kee MRT station (Exit B). From the station, walk straight towards then along Hillcrest Road to get to 12 Greenwood Avenue.

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Since its inception in 2009, it has carved a name for itself for its Italian dining experience, as well as grilled meats and fresh seafood dishes.

For 7 days a week, RUBATO is opened until 11:30pm for dine-in (2am for Fri & Sat), and 2am for deliveries.

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While RUBATO may be best known for its exquisite pasta and pizza offerings, there is a revamp of the menu which extends beyond these staples.

Diners can also indulge in a selection of meats such as grilled steaks and lambs, seafood dishes, oysters, and homemade desserts. There are over 100 dishes!

Here’s more of what you must have at RUBATO:

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RUBATO’s Mighty Tomahawk ($288, 2-3 pax)
The “Mighty Tomahawk – The King of the Steaks” lives up to its majestic title – featuring an extra prime Australian Black Angus Onyx Tomahawk Steak.

This steak is renowned for its succulent texture and rich, robust flavours.

Grilled over charcoal embers, the process imprints a distinct smokiness that penetrates into the succulent, hormone-free meat, enhancing its natural flavours.

That’s not all. Get your camera ready for a tableside flambé, setting the stage for a dramatic presentation.

I thought that the steak delivers a rich, complex flavour profile, with the outer sear offering a satisfying contrast to the juicy interior.

Try it on its own first to savour that juicy meatiness, then add a bit of the special sauce (made from the jus of the meats).

The sides of roasted summer vegetables and truffle fries bring a welcomed variety of textures and tastes, though the steak unequivocally remains the star of the show.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 07

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 08

Nova Scotia Lobster Air-flown Daily ($89)
A two-in-one-dish, this plate features Nova Scotia Lobster and linguine cooked with jumbo lump crab sauce. Plus, they only use live lobsters for the dish.

The cold-water origins of the lobster are evident in the firmness and sweetness of the meat, which is more succulent and whiter than its warm-water counterparts.

The addition of ikura added a briny pop that complemented the lobster’s sweetness.

For lovers of pasta, you would not be disappointed.

The sauce was rich and bursting with the essence of crab, enveloping the strands of linguine in a creamy, decadent embrace.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 09

“A Gift From The Angels” ($68)
A dish that lives up to its heavenly moniker. This is that one dish that RUBATO is most proud of.

What you get is chilled angel hair pasta topped with medley of Hokkaido scallop sashimi, freshly-caught Hokkaido Bafun uni, and Japanese seaweed, enhaced with premium white truffle oil.

The pasta, light and perfectly chilled, served as an elegant base for the smooth scallops and creamy uni.

As for the white truffle oil, it infused the dish with this alluring aromatic depth.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 10

Home Made Tagliolini Amalfitana ($69)
RUBATO takes a beloved classic and infuses it with a Japanese twist.

The homemade tagliolini, tender and flavourful, was topped with generous portions of Hokkaido Bafun uni.

The quality of the ingredients really shone.

You can also add some of the light yet savoury dashi broth which would enhance its umami-ness.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 11

RUBATO’s Famous Burrata Pizza ($44)
This gourmet pizza features Michelin-grade burrata, ripe tomatoes, and premium-aged sliced Parma ham atop a thin, hand-stretched crust.

They only use this particular flour imported all the way from Italy, proofed for three whole days – which helped achieve this crispy, airy crust.

The burrata, with its soft, creamy centre, added a luxurious texture.

I also enjoyed the Parma ham which introduces a salty, savoury element that tied everything together.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 12

The Pescatarian’s Choice ($58)
When I saw the name of this dish, I was first wondering what it was.

The plate actually featuring a giant octopus leg, slow-braised in Tempranillo and Roma tomatoes, till it became so softly tender. I was surprised this was not chewy at all with a good bite.

A light cream sauce, enhanced with butter sweet cherry, lent a luxurious depth.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 13

Beef Cheeks Al Vino Rosso ($39)
The beef cheeks, tender to the point of melting-in-your-mouth, basked in a rich red wine sauce that spoke volumes the beauty of slow cooking.

Paired with a creamy potato puree, the dish achieved a comforting balance between the robustness of the meat and the smooth, buttery texture of the potatoes.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 14

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 15

Crepe Suzette ($25)
End the meal on a sweet note with this newly introduced dessert dish.

The homemade crepes, thin and light, were beautifully prepared by the table-side.

Watch it made live with addition of fresh orange, lemon, and orange juice, then flambéed with Grand Marnier to introduce a subtle caramelisation and hint of sophistication.

Topped with vanilla ice cream, just enjoy the satisfying contrast of warm and cold, soft and crisp.

RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar - Italian Gem 16

While RUBATO’s Greenwood location may not be that familiar for some, the flavours, quality of ingredients, and attentive service make it a worthy place for occasions.

Or when you want to indulge in hearty Italian cuisine.

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RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar
12 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289204
Opening Hours: 10am – 11:30pm (Sun – Thurs), 10am – 2am (Fri – Sat)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with RUBATO Italian Kitchen & Bar.


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