[SEOUL] Dotori 도토리 refers to an “acorn”, and this Dotori Garden 도토리가든 found near Anguk Station seems to come straight out of a Studio Ghibli film.

You would find this cute blue-coloured acorn character, and acorn-shaped pastries and more in this whimsical space.

Just a quick note: while some websites state this is a Studio Ghibli themed cafe, it is more like an ‘inspired’ café because you won’t find any Totoro and the likes around.

You keep hearing Studio Ghibli’s music here though, and no wonder it attracts a long line of Japanese tourists waiting to take some kawaii pictures.

To get there, the nearest subway station is Anguk Station 안국 (Line 3). After arriving at Anguk Station, take exit 2.

From there, it is a short walk to reach Dotori Garden and you can also spend the day after exploring Bukchon Hanok Village 북촌 한옥마을.

The setting of Dotori Garden is divided into many rooms and including a garden and terrace area, each providing a different ambiance.

Aside from its cosy interiors, the cafe’s diverse menu includes a variety of bakery items, Greek yogurt with honey, ice cream, soups, brunch options, and healthy beverages like Kale juices.

Pastry wise, you can find Dotori Chocolate, Black Sesame, Caramel, and Pistachio Madeleines (3,800 Won) shaped like acorns.


Not forgetting the trending Salt Bread with choices of Kaya or Red Bean Butter, Tuna Mayo Salt Bread (5,000 Won) and more.

You can enjoy the bustling atmosphere of making Greek yogurt on-site, adding an interactive element to the visit.

Choices include Real Strawberry, All About Grain, Cacao Double, Real Blueberry to Apple Cinnamon.

They are not the cheapest around though, starting with 17,500 Won per bowl.

The cafe also sells adorable merchandise, in case you want to bring a cute blue acorn character back.

Dotori Garden’s ambiance, characterised by its whimsical-inspired decor, creates a cartoon-like and serene environment that is great for a retreat from the bustling city.

Dotori Garden 도토리가든
19-8 Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 종로구 계동길 19-8
Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

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