[SEOUL] Ramyeon’s popularity in Seoul can be attributed to its presence as a Korean soul food, for satisfying quick, affordable, and comforting meal cravings.

Now, why if I told you there is a “Ramyun Library” that sells over 225 choices of instant noodles, all in a convenient store.

This special store is found at CU Hongdae Sangsang CU 홍대상상점, also dubbed the “Ramyum Library”.

The closest subway station is Hongik University Station (Hongdae 홍대) on the Seoul Subway Line 2 (Green Line).

With a staggering collection of over 225 varieties of ramyeon, the CU Ramyun Library in Hongdae is more than just a convenience store.

You not only find beloved local flavours like Shin Ramyun, Buldak Ramen, and Jin Ramen, to global picks such as Japanese Shoyu Ramen and Indonesian Mie Goreng.

And Ramyeon cups as tables. How cute.

If you are undecided what to pick, there is always a Top 5 ranking.

Number One when I visited was the “Budae-Jjigae Ramen” known for its rich, spicy stew flavour, while the Nongshim AnSungTangMyun and Ottogi Chamke Ramen (sesame) were ranked Number Two and Three respectively.

Customers can choose from a vast selection, cook their picks on-site using instant ramyeon cookers, and even customize their bowls with various add-ons for a personalised meal.

You can head over to the other side of the store to pick up vegetables, sausages, fish cakes, eggs, kimchi and more to zhng your noodles.

I had the top choice of Nongshim Budae-jjigae Instant Noodles which had a robust and hearty flavour profile.

Enjoyed the spicy kick that was flavourful without being overwhelming.

Also the noodles had quite good chewiness without being too soft.

This Ramyun Library distinguishes itself with its unique concept, vast selection, and the joy of ‘cooking’ and customising one’s meal right in the store at any time of the day.

Plus, there are really some less-seen brands around, which allows you to try out without committing to the entire whole big packet of five.

CU Ramyun Library 홍대상상점
서울 마포구 잔다리로 25
25 Jandari-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 24/7

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