Local dessert cafes in Singapore seem to be experiencing a mini resurgence.

There are new dessert shops such as Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室, Yat Ka Yan Dessert, Ah Chew Desserts (technically a move).

Siyuan Desserts 01

Among the newcomers is Siyuan Desserts 思源糖水铺, found at 111D King George’s Ave in the Jalan Besar neighborhood.

Siyuan Desserts 02

The name 思源 evokes a sense of tradition and origin, fitting for this place.

Siyuan Desserts 03

This charming dessert spot, located next to a cheongsam shop, exudes oriental vibes, further accentuated by the soothing music (my friend said like hotel lounge-like).

Siyuan Desserts 04

Their menu boasts a variety of warm choices such as Almond Cream, Sesame Paste, Walnut Cream, Orh Nee (yam paste), Cheng Teng with Peach Gum, Lotus Seed Suan, and Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice).

Cold treats include Chendol, Mango Sago, and Cheng Teng with Peach Gum.

Each dessert bowl is priced from $4 to $5.50.

Siyuan Desserts 05

On my visit, I asked for the staff’s personal recommendation, and it was Almond Cream. I decided to try the Yuan Yang 2-in-1 bowl, with Almond Cream and Sesame Paste.

I did enjoy the Almond Cream side better – balanced and smooth, thick, yet not overwhelmingly sweet.

The sesame side could have more of the sesame fragrance, and I noted that the texture was generally to the thick side which can be filling easily.

Siyuan Desserts 06

The Chendol ($4) included pandan jelly, coconut milk, and gula melaka.

The robust taste of gula melaka dominated the palate, offering a deep, caramel-like sweetness that paired well with the creamy coconut milk.

However, the ice could have been smoother, which would have elevated the texture of the dessert.

Siyuan Desserts 07

The Mango Sago ($5) also caught my eye. This dessert was also a bit on the thicker side.

Siyuan Desserts 08

It was refreshing, though more mango pieces would have been welcomed, as they were quickly consumed, leaving me wanting more of that fresh, tropical flavor.

Siyuan Desserts 09

While there’s room for refinement in aspects such as texture, the overall experience at Siyuan Desserts is one of warmth and nostalgia, echoing the shop’s oriental ambiance.

Siyuan Desserts 10

Siyuan Desserts 思源糖水铺
111D King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208559
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 9:30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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