While Heng Heng Coffee Stall 兴兴咖啡 at Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre became popular due to its “UFO Buns”, another reason is for its inexpensive prices.

A cup of Kopi goes for $1.20, which is affordable considering escalating prices in Singapore.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 01

There is always a queue at Heng Heng Coffee Stall, but the line moves on relatively fast like clockwork.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 02

The stall is renowned for its “Space Buns” 太空包 ($1.60), with an obvious char on the outer layer, layered with kaya and butter.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 03

The kaya itself, noted for its pastel-green hue, has accordingly been reduced in sweetness to cater to the more modern health-conscious customers.

It was eggy with a light aromatic fragrance of pandan leaves. And yes, not overwhelmingly sweet.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 04
If not, go for the Kaya Toast ($1.60) of lightly charred top and thick slab of butter that melded seamlessly with the stall’s homemade kaya.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 05

Between the two, this was more ordinary to me as one would expect a crisper layer.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 06
I liked the coffee at Heng Heng and usually get the Iced Kopi O ($1.40).

Yes, only $1.40 – smooth, with good intensity for local kopi standards yet devoid of strong bitterness.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 07

Another popular beverage is the homemade Ice Lemon Tea ($1.50), shaken in a cocktail shaker for that extra touch of finesse.

Plus point: operating hours starts from 4 am, accommodating to early risers and those who start work before others.

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 08

Heng Heng Coffee Stall 兴兴咖啡
Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre #01-23, 115 Bukit Merah View, Singapore 151115
Opening Hours: 4am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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