What’s crispy, fluffy, saucy, decadent, and sinful all at the same time?

Lukumades, a renowned Australian chain known for its delightful Greek doughnuts, has recently made its way to Singapore, setting up shop on the vibrant Arab Street.

The current Lukumades is primarily a takeaway unit, and seems to be sharing it with dessert store Jane Deer 简鹿糖水铺.

If you are new to this, the menu boasts an array of Greek doughnuts, or “loukoumádes,” which are essentially deep-fried dough balls.

The concept of Lukumades revolves around offering a gourmet version of a traditional Greek street food.

These are not your ordinary doughnuts, though.

Served warm, they come with a variety of toppings ranging from the Original (honey & cinnamon), Pistachio, Bougatsu (filled custard), Tella Classic, Snickers, Lotus Crunch, Oreo Balls, Jam It (injected with strawberry jam).

There are also the White Tella, Twix Fix (melted milk chocolate with caramel sauce), Matcha, Peanut Butter, and Original Glazed.

Each box comes with 10 balls, starting from $12. I got myself a Half Half ($15) box which offers a duo of flavours. All their doughnuts are vegan-friendly.

You can stand around and watch the doughnuts being drizzled with all those thick sauces.

I had a Bueno, a heavenly combination of melted hazelnut sauce and drizzled milk chocolate, topped with crushed biscuit.

The exterior of the doughnut presented a light, crispy texture that yielded to a soft, airy interior upon the first bite.

BUT THE SAUCE… it as so rich, creamy, thick and obviously sweet, I worry about the calories.

The Dark Delight, on the other hand, was even a more intense experience, featuring melted dark chocolate paired with crushed pistachios.

Lukumades doughnuts covered in rich, velvety smooth sauce would definitely find its fans.

Needless to say, this is indulgent and sinful at the same time, so do get a friend or two to share the guilt.

Lukumades Singapore
60 Arab Street, #01-01, Singapore 199757
Opening Hours: 9am- 10pm (Sun – Thurs), 9am – 12am (Fri – Sun)

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