[Penang] When I was looking for coffee recommendations in Penang, Forest Cloud Beverage Company is one of the names that surfaced very often.

Some background: Founded in 2014, it has grown to become one of the largest coffee product and equipment wholesalers in Penang.

Currently, it supplies to over 330 cafes in and around the island, indicating its significant presence.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 01

Their café in George Town, labelled as an “Experience Store,” is a small though stylish destination.

Superficial reason for me visiting: They have these beautiful blue shades.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 02

The cafe is ideally situated at the intersection of Chulia Street and Penang Road. It serves as a perfect stopover for those exploring the downtown area of Georgetown.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 03

Seating is limited to a few long benches with limited tables – therefore not a place you can sit for long.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 04

At the same time, the décor consists mainly of shelves holding coffee products, merchandise, and equipment for sale.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 05

However, the café has a sleek and open all-white look, making it a place to just chill, have coffee, and people-watch (especially if you take those by-the-window seats).

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 06

Here, you can learn about various offerings from knowledgeable staff, buy products, and taste speciality coffees from different parts of the world.

The eatery roasts coffee beans using the FROCO FR15-I to present only premium products.

The machine allows monitoring of temperature and airflow, resulting in high consistency when it comes to taste and aroma.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 07

The comprehensive menu selection of Forest Cloud Beverage Company includes Black (RM10), White (RM12), Mocha (RM14) and Filter (from RM18), with other non-coffee choices of Hojicha (RM11), Genmaicha (RM11), to Single Origin Cocoa (RM13).

Coffee beans are available both on rotation and permanently, like the Kenya Kishii Masimba and La Lima.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 08

I enjoyed the floral notes of the Kishii Masimba, setting a light, aromatic tone at the start. The winey characteristics soon follow, adding a rich, almost luxurious depth to the coffee.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 09

Although the focus is on coffee and tea here, the café does have cakes and some bakery items to accompany the drinks.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 10

When I visited, Yutarte Pâtisserie was having a pop-up at Forest Cloud Beverage Company (ends November 2023).

The range presented by Yutarte featured items like the light and airy Strawberry Shortcake, the rich and innovative Matcha Burnt Cheesecake, and the refreshingly tangy Lemon Tart.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 11

Among the standout creations, the Matcha Yuzu combines the earthiness of matcha mousse with the citrusy burst of yuzu coulis, all layered over a soft jaconde.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 12

There was also the Exotic dessert which brough a tropical escapade to the palate with its mix of pistachio, mango, passion fruit, and coconut. Catch it if you are still there.

Forest Cloud Beverage Company, PENANG 13

Forest Cloud Beverage Company
132, Jln Penang, George Town, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

Google Maps – Forest Cloud Beverage Company

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