One Raffles Place Shopping Mall found in the core of Singapore’s CBD isn’t just a hub for global businesses and local startups, this iconic skyscraper also stands as a gastronomic destination.

You can always find affordable meals below $15, making it a prime spot for dining out at Raffles Place.

Whether you are looking for a sit-down meal, a casual coffee break, or a convenient takeaway, culinary offerings are diverse.

From the zestful flavours of Gin Khao, heartwarming Korean dishes at JoAh, there’s a world of taste to explore.

Upshot Coffee, Whiskdom and Humble Bakery offer the perfect pick-me-ups for busy mornings or leisurely afternoons.

If you crave convenient bowls, Chalong, Urban Mix, Shimmer and more provide wide selections for those seeking a quick yet healthy and filling meal.

From gourmet delights to quick bites, there’s a flavour for every palate. Here are 10 food places you can check out at One Raffles Place Shopping Mall:

Gin Khao
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #04-29/30

Savour Gin Khao’s Unique Thai Cuisine Such As Watermelon Fried Rice
Gin Khao at One Raffles Place Shopping Mall is a go-to for those with a penchant for Thai cuisine, served up with a side of warm hospitality and wallet-friendly prices.

This outlet also boasts of a wider selection of food items suitable for takeaways to cater for the business executives working in the area.

The menu here is a parade of Thai favourites, such as the Watermelon Fried Rice, Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice, Crayfish with Glass Noodle, Stir-Fried Squid layered with Runny Salted Egg, Tom Yum Seafood Soup and many more.

I was most intrigued by the Watermelon Fried Rice ($14.80, $25.80), probably a first in Singapore.

This innovative dish is a medley of juicy watermelon balls with prawns, squid, and a mix of beans and green onions, all bound together by a secret sauce that teases the palate with its sweet, savoury notes and wok-hei.

And for those dining in the evening, Gin Khao offers an unbeatable deal from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, where you can enjoy two selected dishes for only $15++ — a perfect excuse to linger a little longer and savour the tastes of Thailand.

JoAh Korean Restaurant
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #03-21/22

Authentic Korean Experience From Ginseng Soup to Bossam
Established in 2014, JoAh which translates to ‘all good things’, offers a wide spread of traditional Korean flavours.

The menu boasts a variety of favourites, from the tender Bossam (wrapped pork), hearty DakGalbi (stir-fried chicken), earthy JjaJangMyeon, to JjamPong with spicy kick.

For those on a lunchtime clock, JoAh’s weekday lunch specials are a steal at $11.90++, offering a rotating selection complete with side dishes and rice.

They include Kimchi Soup, Ginseng Chicken Soup (half chicken), Pork Rib Soup, Spicy Seafood Beancurd Soup, to Jajangmyeon or Rice.

One of the stars of the menu is the Ginseng Chicken Soup. A comfort food staple, it features a young chicken, chosen for its tenderness, stuffed with sticky rice and jujube, then simmered in a medicinal herb broth.

This bestselling soup not only warms you up but is said to offer a healing embrace with each spoonful.

One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #03-23/24/25

Plant-Based Delights with Hokkaido Specials
Greendot turns the idea of meat-free dining into a delightful experience.

Here, dishes crafted by nutritionists not only satisfy the tastebuds but also provide nutritional benefits, making healthy eating both effortless and enjoyable.

Missing Japan? Their innovative seasonal special of Hokkaido Salmoniee Burger ($14.90) stands out, particularly with its choice of zesty curry mayo or dill mayo sauce.

When you take a bite, it may be hard to believe the patty is entirely plant-based, made from soy and enriched with Omega-3, designed to mimic the taste and texture of salmon while staying true to its meat-free promise.

The seasonal Haikara Udon with Golden Calamari Set ($13.90) is another highlight.

It brings a taste of Japan to the heart of Singapore with its chewy udon noodles paired with crispy, golden plant-based ‘calamari’ rings – a combination that is both hearty and comforting.

(This seasonal menu will only be available till 19 Nov 2023, so be quick.)

Upshot Coffee
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #04-31

Crafting Specialty Coffee Experiences In The CBD
Upshot Coffee prides itself on its “From Tree to Cup” philosophy, connecting customers directly to the origins of their coffee.

Sourcing beans from their own plantations in Indonesia, they offer a tapestry of tastes that is as authentic as it is high-quality.

Coffee enthusiasts have the option to indulge in seasonal single-origin beans that present a bright, rich, and fruity profile.

Or opt for the House Blend named “Perk Me Up” – a bold, intense concoction with nutty, chocolatey notes and a full-bodied finish.

Beyond coffee, their menu includes comforting sips like Matcha Latte ($6), Chai Latte ($6), and a cool Iced Passion Fruit Soda ($7.50).

For those seeking a bite, the Cheese Toast and Ham ($10), Cheese Toast ($7); and sweet delights such as the Sticky Cinnamon Bun ($6) adorned with pecans provide a pairing to any beverage.

Humble Bakery
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #02-27

Discover Humble Bakery’s Gourmet Scones and Brownies
Humble Bakery stands quietly in One Raffles Place Shopping Mall, but its Scones speak volumes.

This little café spot specialises in artisanal scones and bakes, created with a dedication that you can taste in each bite.

Their Scones (from $3.50) baked fresh daily, featuring AOP French Butter and French dairy cream.

The selection is creative, with each variety offering its own unique experience. From the bright Lemon Curd Earl Grey Meringue Scone to the indulgent Double Chocolate & Kaffir Lime Scone, there’s a flavour to charm every palate.

The standout for me is the Orh Nee (Yam) Mochi Scone ($4.20) – where smooth taro paste meets the soft chew of mochi, all wrapped up in the classic scone pastry.

There are Brownies too. These chocolate squares, crafted with fine Belgian ingredients, strike the balance between bittersweet and fudgy, with just a hint of sea salt flakes to enhance the rich cocoa flavours.

One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #B1-18

Modern Thai-Inspired Rice Bowls with Premium Meats
Chalong is a modern eatery serving charcoal grilled meat rice bowls inspired by Thai flavours.

The marriage of sous vide cooking with charcoal grilling is the ‘secret’ behind their tasty bowls.

With everything being grilled in the renowned Josper Charcoal Oven and meats smoked in-house using Japanese Binchoton charcoal, there is a depth of flavour that is hard to match.

Choices range from the flavourful Pork Jowl ($13) and Spanish Pork Belly Char Siew ($14) to the robust Medium Rare Black Angus Flat Iron ($19) drizzled in a rich garlic soy sauce.

The beef boasts of a New Zealand origin – well marbled and the second most tender cut of the cow; while the rich and succulent pork are sous vide for more than 18 hours.

For chicken lovers, the Gai ($10) is a spicy Thai basil charcoal grilled boneless chicken leg that is both tender and packed with zest.

A mi cuit (half-cooked) egg and the fluffy Japanese Yamagata Haenuki rice complete the bowl.

Urban Mix
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #B1-01A

Global Flavours in Healthy, Hearty Bowls
Urban Mix proves that healthy eating doesn’t have to skimp on flavour. The flavours are global; one can savour American Southern BBQ’s hearty richness or the complex, tangy taste of Korean.

Mix and match ($10 for small, $13 for regular) from BBQ pulled pork on a bed of spicy Kimchi fried rice, all tied together with a zesty Argentinean chimichurri salsa.

Or perhaps the simplicity of mashed sweet potatoes, coupled with chargrilled chicken.

With an array of choices, customers have the freedom to tailor their meals to fit vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or keto diets.

For those in a dash, you can pick their signature bowls. The Gangnam Style bowl ($17) has a base of kimchi fried rice topped with succulent Korean pork belly, chargrilled chicken thigh and others, all drizzled with a robust Korean ssamjang sauce.

The Viva Mexico bowl ($17) includes Mexican rice which supports layers of BBQ pulled pork, sharp cheddar, crunchy nacho chips, fiery jalapeños and more all brought together with a bold signature Vatos hot sauce.

One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #B1-06

Indulge In Bagels, Brownies and Chunky Cookies
For those with a sweet tooth, Whiskdom is an artisanal haven for chunky Cookies and melty-centred Brownies.

Their Cookies ($6.50 each) are chunky, gooey treasures, with flavours that span from the classic Chunky Chocolate Chip to the luxurious Berries and Crème.

The Dark Chocolate Overloaded is a particular delight for anyone who believes there’s no such thing as too much chocolate.

Brownies ($6.50 each) here a melt-in-your-mouth centre. Options like the Salted Dark Chocolate Brownie and Matcha Cocoa Brownie provide a decadent escape from the day-to-day.

But Whiskdom isn’t just about sweets. Their Bagels are a savoury counterpart from Classic Beef, Truffle Beef, Mentaiko Beef, Chick Cheese, Seoul Spicy Beef, to Tuna Melt.

The Truffle Beef Bagel ($13.90) is a noteworthy pick, featuring tender slices of ribeye, rich truffle aioli, and a tang of caramelized onions, all enveloped in a freshly baked bagel.

One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #B1-07

Nutrient-Packed Salads and Poke Bowls
This Salad and Poke Bowl shop is one of the newest entrants to One Raffles Place Shopping Mall, good for a spot for a quick lunch for the health-conscious you.

Oh, a bowl such as the Signature Vinaigrette Soba starts from a wallet-friendly $4.50.

It is a colourful combination of sweet corn, tender broccoli, creamy purple sweet potatoes, crisp capsicum, and earthy mushrooms – each ingredient fresh and vibrant.

I opted for the Black Pepper Chicken Breast Salad ($9.80) topped with chicken seasoned with a peppery zest.

You can have a choice of dressings, from the nutty roasted sesame, hot & spicy, vinaigrette, sushi soy sauce, to Caesar salad dressing. You can also opt for a brown rice base.

Diving into the Poke Bowls ($10.80 onwards), one finds a base of sushi rice, layered with tender salmon and tuna cubes, and an assortment of bright vegetables.

You can even have toppings such as chicken drumstick, chicken breast, prawn, or seafood.

The Alley
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall #B1-38

Unique Yoghurt and Fruity Drinks
The Alley at One Raffles Place Shopping Mall has quickly become a go-to spot for those looking to satisfy their bubble tea and beverage cravings in the heart of the CBD.

There’s a drink for every palate, and a few of the iconic drinks are Royal No.9 Milk Tea ($3.80), Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk ($5.30), Peach Oolong Tea ($3.40) and Yuzu Slush ($4.50) – good for Singapore’s tropical climate.

Branching out from the usual, The Alley’s Yoghurt series features choices such as the Original Purple Rice Yogurt ($5.60), Peach Oolong Purple Rice Yogurt ($6), Mango Yogurt ($6), and Lychee Yogurt ($6).

I wanted to try the Original Purple Rice Yogurt ($5.60). The tartness of Greek yogurt melded surprisingly well with the nutty chewiness of purple rice, offering a textural experience that was quite enjoyable.

For a fruity take, there is the Strawberry Yogurt ($6) which would be sweet, creamy, and bursting with the essence of tangy strawberries.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with One Raffles Place Shopping Mall.


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