It seems like the previously quieter Alexandra is fast becoming a hotspot for new cafes, especially indie coffee shops.

These independent coffee havens are not just serving up meticulously crafted beverages; they are building a vibrant, caffeinated community.

You would find Rookie’s Coffee Shop, Anagram, Overbrod, Fang Patisserie, Acai Brothers, Sonder and the newly opened Kyuukei Coffee – all of walking distance from one another.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 01

Tucked away at Block 121 near Alexandra Village Food Centre, Kyuukei Coffee has quietly opened its doors.

The name which means “rest” in Japanese, promises a respite for those in search of both solace and a good cup of coffee.

The café with its concept rooted in intermission and break, offers an environment that feels like a soothing pause amidst Singapore’s non-stop rhythm.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 02

There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas (though I must say Singapore’s weather is quite hot of late.)

Upon entering, I was greeted with a minimalist Japanese-style décor, but sitting is limited to two inside.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 03

The menu, though concise, was thoughtfully put together.

Coffee choices include Espresso ($4), Long Black ($4.50), Flat White ($5), Latte ($5.50), Cappuccino ($5.50), and Mocha ($6).

For those looking for non-dairy alternatives, you can opt for oat milk for an additional $1.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 04

They use rotating beans, such as Honduras single origin with milk chocolate notes; and Columbian beans which are fruitier and more floral (which the barista said some notes may just remind you of hawthorn) .

I liked my Flat White which was medium-bodied, smooth with a robust taste.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 05

For the Iced Black ($5), the fruity and floral notes of their Columbian beans provided complexity that was both refreshing and invigorating.

A welcome relief in Singapore’s tropical climate, especially if you are sitting outdoors.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 06

But what is coffee without a treat on the side?

The house-baked pastries such as Canelé, Banana Bread, and Financiers rounded off the menu.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 07

While I thought that the Banana Bread could be a tad fluffier, the Financier was buttery and delightful.

I have made a mental note to try the Canelé de Bordeaux next time – with crispy exterior and custardy center rich with vanilla.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 08

There is also the Foccacia ($4) dotted with cherry tomatoes and rosemary; and Toasties ($15) filled with mushroom gremolata or classic ham & cheese with tomato combination.

Kyuukei Coffee offers those seeking a momentary retreat from the world. Plus they do conduct coffee ‘omakase’ workshops, so look out for those.

Kyuukei Coffee - Alexandra Village Café 09

Kyuukei Coffee
121 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-06, Singapore 150121
Opening Hours: 8am – 4pm (Tues – Sat), Closed Sun, Mon

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